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TRADEBIT - The First Mobile Solution for Managing and Spending Cryptocurrencies

TradeBit want an easy way for everyone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. TradeBit will create a platform that can help every person in the world understand, use and trade cryptocurrencies. TradeBit want to make the process of buying, selling, trading, managing crypto assets, diversify portfolio of crypto assets easy for new investors and make tools for experience traders to help them win more. We will name it TradeBit.

TradeBit will provide easy way to monitor your current portfolio, buy cryptocurrency, trade and withdraw fiat money. It will provide analytical tools, educational material, coaches, 3rd party developed plugins and many more that can make you a winner. For convenient usage, TradeBit are going to make mobile applications for the most popular platforms Android and iOS, they will work seamless as the Web version of the application.

As investor, you can buy cryptocurrency from your mobile device, trade it on the platform and withdraw it to your bank account in timely manner. In addition, you can buy and hold your investments for a given period and watch your investments grow in beautiful and nice interface giving you the best tools to monitor. In addition, you will receive investment insights that can help you to improve your portfolio growth.

The Problem and Why we need TradeBit Platform

  • No Way to track portofolio automatically
As an everyday trader, it is very hard to manually track your cryptocurrency assets. TradeBit want to make a solution for every trader to be able to track their portfolio automatically on every wallet and address, regardless if the cryptocurrency is on the trader’s local wallet or in any market exchange.

  • There is no good App for Trading on your mobile device
At the moment, there is not good way to trade cryptocurrencies on your mobile phone on the go. There are only some basic stuff you can do and don’t have all the analytics tools you might need to predict the markets and make the best decision. This lack of competition on the market has caused it to be very unhealthy and the current solutions does not put enough effort in delivering the best product to clients.

  • No good technical analysis platform with trading signal and portofolio insights
If you are trading on your computer, you can find good analytical and trading tools but if you want to do this on the go, you just don’t have a good option. If you want to make good decisions on trading with cryptocurrencies you have to constantly research and participate in different groups and channels, which is very time consuming and not give the best results.

  • No Universal Wallet
Nowadays, you need to create multiple wallets across many different block chains to store different assets. TradeBit are looking forward to develop unique way to store your cryptocurrencies in our universal wallet. From BTC to ERC20 tokens, NEO, EOS, you will be able to store everything.

  • No Easy way to purchase Crypto Currencies
TradeBit will be offering a solution to purchase crypto currencies with one or two simple steps on our platform with your debit or credit card directly, so no longer you will be required to go to special sites to buy and pay insane number of fees as well as wait super long time to acquire your new assets. You will have them immediately at your hands available for trading or whatever you want.

  • No Way to spend crypto Currencies from different sources in every life
  • As hard it is to cash in on crypto, it is even harder to cash out. Therefore, TradeBit are looking to solve this problem and day-to-day traders will not have their fund blocked at the exchange when not on order. Therefore, what TradeBit are offering is availability to spend your free money in our decentralized exchange directly from there. Why not to buy MacDonald with our exchange account?

  • No Crypto Currencies rating system (Prevent getting burned and fraud)
  • One of the biggest problem nowadays evolving cryptocurrencies is the problem of having too much cryptocurrencies. TradeBit are looking forward to solving this problem by evaluating all the current ICO and/or currencies that already exist and decide if they are worth investing or not. 

  • There is no exchange supporting top 200 cryptocurrencies altogether
  • If you want to trade or diversify your assets to crypto currencies, you have to jump around exchanges all the time so you can buy the one crypto you want. TradeBit will be offering opportunity to trade all the famous crypto currencies so you cannot miss the opportunity to invest while waiting for some slow block-chain transfers.

  • No Easy way of understanding how things work in crypto currencies and what shoult they invets in
  • At the moment only rich and wealthy people have access to given instruments to get better ideas for investing in crypto currencies.TradeBit want to make this technology a lot easier to access by common people.TradeBit believe that this situation has created high demand for simple, accessible integrated financial instruments for users with low financial and computer literacy. 

with tradebit platforms, we provide solutions to market in more and more convenient and more efficient and quality available.

Token Details & Allocation Funds

ICO Begins : January 29, 2018
ICO Ends : April 29, 2018
    • January 18, 2018 with Bonus 50%
    • 1 ETH = 120,000 TBT
    • February 7, 2018 with Bonus 25%
    • 1 ETH = 100,000 TBT
    • February 27, 2018
    • 1 ETH = 80,000 TBT
  • Total Supply : 500,000,000 ASTOR

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