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KRYLL - AUTOMATED CRYPTO TRADING STRATEGIES is the ultimate platform for cryptocurrency traders who are looking to use the most advanced trading tools and strategies, as well as the combined intelligence of the community in order to achieve the best returns in cryptocurrency markets. isn’t just a great platform where you can easily build, test and automatically run your strategies. We think collective intelligence is a huge asset that’ll make all of us more successful in the trading market.

Therefore the platform will offer a marketplace section where anyone can share a strategy build-up (as a blackbox) for others to enjoy in exchange of a KRL fee chosen by the creator and free of charge from the platform. People with excellent insights, with more time available or a well-honed intuition can help their fellow traders climb the success ladder.

Kryll Platform

The platform aims to fill in the gaps to get everyone efficient trading tools. Introducing WYSIWYT (What You See Is What You Trade) technology, the Kryll team will provide a simple yet powerful strategy defining interface based on blocks and flow. A flow visually describes the confluence of signals, operators and relevant data determining a particular strategy.

There are 5 main families of blocks that can be used to build a strategy :

  • Market Trends. 
  • Trading actions. 
  • Signals.
  • Operators. 
  • Notifications.

Kryll Companion App

Once you connect your mobile companion app to the platform, you will be able to access your dashboard, get push notifications regarding your strategy runs as well as stay connected in a much lower-key manner with your crypto trading status.

It’ll be a pretty good feeling to get notified about a position that’s been taken automagically and then sold, instead of an alarming signal pushing you to quickly catch the opportunity on your favorite exchange website.

Moreover the mobile application will introduce further interactions with the strategies you designed or selected, thus giving you complete control over your trades right in the palm of your hand

Token Details & Allocation Funds

54% : Platform development
18% : Marketing expenses, user acquisition
15% : Exchange partnerships
09% : Operational costs, office, hosting
03% : Security reserve - 01% : Legal expenses

Detail of Token

ICO Begins : Febuary 7, 2018
ICO Ends : March 20, 2018
  • COIN PRICE : 1 KRL : 0.2 USD
  • HARD CAP : $29,000,000
  • TOTAL SUPPLY : 220,000,000 KRL


The Kryll project is held by Cryptense S.A.S, a company registered in France. Cryptense S.A.S is a Blockchain company based in the European technology park of Sophia Antipolis in the south of France. Funded by 3 crypto-enthusiasts, Cryptense embraces the opportunities and challenges offered by the blockchain revolution. The company has activities around three main pillars: cryptocurrency mining & optimisation, Blockchain contribution expertise & consulting, and development of automated crypto trading tools.

Luca BENEVOLO : CEO / Founder / Architect Working for more than 12 years in the IT industry as an R&D Expert and entrepreneur, Luca is a crypto enthusiast, blockchain contributor and has traded cryptocurrencies for several years. After co-founding the game studio Moving Player 8 years ago, he co-founded Cryptense to fulfill his crypto-passions.
Jeremy BLOT : Community Manager Jeremy is a webmaster and freelance digital marketing specialist operating in the Web sphere since 2005. He is an active crypto trader, always keen to discuss new opportunities with his network of expert enthusiasts on Twitter, Telegram or Discord chans.
Paul COLLORAFI : CMO / Strategist Paul is a seasoned owner of high-frequentation websites and SEO consultant. He’s been an entrepreneur since 2006, crypto trader and investor since the early days, ultimately finding the right place for his views and solutions to his frustrations within the platform

Philippe LONGERE : CTO / Founder After an academic background in France and California, Philippe fell into entrepreneurship into entrepreneurship 17 years ago, co-founding Moving Player and Cryptense with Luca. Crypto trader since 2016, he has developed several trading bots for himself and his friends, but knew their reach would be much broader and impactful given the right platform.

Fabien MABON : Backend Expert In the Internet industry since the 1990s, Fabien has developed, deployed and maintained backends for high-volume streaming sites and several startups. He entered the crypto trading world in force alongside the birth of Ethereum, and never looked back ever since.

Lisa PONS : Marketing Officer / PR After finishing her business degree, Lisa went into sales & marketing for IT or mainstream products,in addition to pursuing her volunteering mission like the organization and overseeing of hackathons in the Nice (French Riviera) area.

Francis PRAT : Artistic Director Francis has created unique visual profiles for small to medium sized companies from Europe to South America. He is be responsible for the unique look and feel of the Kryll platform.

Jay SALVAT : Frontend Expert Jay has worked on providing the best UI/UX experience on the web for the last 20 years. From Global 500 companies to startups, they’ve all praised his talent, and his open-source contributions. He will put his skills into making Kryll the simplest yet most powerful trading platform there is.

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