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What is STARTER?

Stater is designed as a full PoS (proof of stake) cryptocurrency, offering a strictly limited number of Master and Meganodes. A maximum of 100 Meganodes and 1500 Masternodes can run simultaneously at any given time and if one Masternode or Meganode leaves the network can another take its place.


Stater aims to become the first crypto coin that will familiarize the world to the cryptocurrency revolution by introducing two crypto platforms directly to the general public. The first will promote P2B (peer to business) transactions via the website, while the second will enable P2P (peer to peer) transactions through Both will use the new Stater coin. Complementing the two networks by 2018 will be a total of six mobile applications (3 Android and 3 iOS).

Our P2B platform will be dedicated to businesses that accept Stater as payment, while will be dedicated to P2P transactions. Each platform will have its own Android/iOS mobile application allowing users real-time access to new listings in the market.


It is widely recognized that the vast majority of the general public are still relatively unaware of the existence of cryptocurrencies, let alone the advantages and investment potential of such currencies.

The fundamental issue facing cryptocurrency owners is the inherent difficulty of utilizing a digital currency- how are they able to purchase goods and services using this new form of payment?

Furthermore, the exchange that is required to transform their digital currency into fiat, or vice versa, involves unavoidable transaction fees that can often be prohibitively high.


Stater aims to overcome these issues with the creation of a mobile application that would allow for direct real-time transactions. Gone is the need for an exchange into a fiat currency – Stater coins would be used to settle the transaction instead and the normal fees are thereby avoided.

The solution will be realized by the creation of the two aforementioned platforms – Staterspots and Statermarket.

Staterspots will allow businesses to list themselves and their products while Stater users can use this site to locate and browse products. A special location function in the mobile application will allow users to ‘spot’ businesses accepting Stater in their immediate vicinity.

Statermarket is designed to function as an online marketplace for P2P transactions. It is envisaged as a local market on a global scale where buyers and sellers do business using Stater as payment.


    Stater will introduce the platform, dedicated to both consumers and businesses alike. Businesses that accept Stater as a form of payment will be able to use the site to: will come with its own native and dedicated mobile application allowing individuals to locate businesses that accept Stater as a form of payment. Additionally, a business that is listed on the Staterspots platform will not only receive (free) local exposure but also benefit from the market opportunities arising from such a listing. As cryptocurrencies become more and more mainstream, the need for businesses to accept such a form of payment has also increased. Unfortunately, the majority of businesses not only lack the knowledge and tools needed to accept such forms of payment but are also unaware of the advantages of such transactions. will seek to close this knowledge gap through focused marketing campaigns aimed to educate those about the benefits of accepting Stater as a form of payment. Lastly, addresses the issue of bringing those owning cryptocurrencies and wishing to use Stater for purchasing goods and services from listed businesses–together onto one viable platform.
    Buoyed by the exponential growth of P2P buying and selling over the recent years, we at Stater believe this is a trend that will only continue into the future. In order to facilitate the bringing together of those wishing to buy or sell using Stater- in a safe and ease of use environment - was conceived. is a platform dedicated to cryptocurrency users who are willing to sell their new and/or used products locally on a market style website. Statermarket users who would like to offer their products can easily list or update them online and set a Stater price. A meeting using the encrypted chat function - initiated from either within the website or via the Stater app - can be used to arrange the exchange for Stater. Adjustments to the local currency on the day of payment can be instantly made via the app. We believe the platform will be of great benefit to both parties. The seller will receive Stater - while the buyer has the opportunity to pay for goods and services in Stater - without the usual remuneration loss when exchanging to fiat. will be available on both Android and iOS applications – making listing and browsing user-friendly and readily accessible.


Stater coins can be used via the mobile application to transfer funds, buy products or services, or for those wishing to invest long-term- simply acquire and hold. We are of the opinion that Stater-with its two networks and six applications to support it- will become an eventual valuable asset.


Being the first cryptocurrency to introduce two online market platforms – enabling both the ability to buy and sell in Stater via or list as a business and be found via – Stater will seek to solve THE major problem facing the crypto community today.


Shown in the chart below is a detailed breakdown of Stater’s roadmap for the yearly generation of coins for each node - and the rewards (in coins) for each Meganode, Masternodes, and Governance.

Project Funds

The ICO balance will be released via a Bitcoin multisig wallet ‘4 out of 5’ arrangement. Funds will be released as the following milestones are met:

  • Stater post-ICO complete: 30% funds released
  • Milestone 1: Websites and Android apps are introduced to the markets: 20% funds released 
  • Milestone 2: iOS applications are released: 10% funds released 
  • Milestone 3: Global expansion starts, marketing Stater: 40% funds released  

Details of Token Sales

ICO Begins: October 14st 2017
ICO Expires: December 15th 2017
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 BTC = 8000 STAT
  • Soft Cap : 3,850,000 STAT

More Info

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Slack : HEREJoining Stater Slack is mandatory for the participation in STAT bounty campaigns. There will be a dedicated channel for questions regarding the bounty program. #bounty_program

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