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Nousplatform - Platform for decentralized investment funds

Nousplatform is a platform for the collaboration of investment funds and investors. It includes a personal back office, statistical reports, wallets, lists of funds and their ratings. For investors, the platform is a turnkey solution for managing its own assets. The funds will have a user-friendly interface to conduct business and a platform to attract potential investors.

Advantages​ ​of​ ​Nousplatform​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Investors
An investor can invest in any fund at any time by purchasing equity shares with Nous Tokens. NOUS are utility tokens and available for purchase at crypto exchanges. The ERC20 token standard has all the advantages associated with Ethereum such as, using a single wallet for all ERC20 tokens. If the investor wants to liquidate all or some of the equity shares, he or she will receive back nous tokens at the current rate at the time of the transaction.

An investor can choose several funds with different portfolios to diversify the risk. He/she will make a decision whether to participate in the fund based on research of the fund's statistics recorded on the blockchain, which guarantees transparent unaltered real data. The Nousprotocol creates snapshots of the investment portfolio of each fund with a specified period, and logs them in the blockchain. Statistics available for review and analysis at any time in a personal back office and the smart contract open source code is available for the public to review.

An investor can analyze the activity of any fund in his/her back office. The statistical data of a fund based on snapshots shows the fund's profitability at any given period. In addition, it reveals the redemption and acquisition of assets, and any other modification of the portfolio, as well as the liquidity index, the number of tokens in reserve, the fund's own capital in relation to the total portfolio, and so on.

The main advantages for investors are simplicity, transparency, the ability to diversify, quick deposit or withdrawal of funds, no bureaucracy, set rules of participation for all the parties involved, no minimum amount entry requirements, and are guaranteed to have unaltered and accurate data.

Structure​ ​of​ ​Nous​ ​Ecosystem
The technical specification of the system and its’ functions and ability will be provided in a separate document. This document provides short overview of the key components.
It is a protocol, that has been published as an open source code and licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0. Anyone can utilize the protocol to create his or her own fund. Initially, a solution will be provided as JavaScript. In the near future, the rest of the popular programming languages will be added

NOUS​ ​Token
The Nous Token is a universal utility token that allows investors to acquire an equity shares of different funds. There is a very high demand for this currency; it has the potential to cover a huge market estimated in trillions of US dollars. The token will be based on the ERC20 standard and called NOUS.
The Use of the Tokens:

  • Acquisition of the equity shares of open-ended funds 
  • Participation in ICO of close-ended funds  
  • Dividends of close-ended funds  
  • The reserves of open-ended funds to increase liquidity

Token Sale Details

PRE-ICO Begins: November 30, 2017
PRE-ICO Expires: December 25, 2017

  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 NOUS = 0,00015 ETH
  • HARD CAP : 85,000 ETH
  • Available for Purchase : 543,900,000
  • Total Supply : 777,000,000

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