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ALGORY - Multifunctional Tools for Cryptocurrency Trading

ALGORY are traders descended from the two largest stock exchanges in the world: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ). No new capital market has caused so much commotion in recent years as cryptocurrencies. ALGORY have been present on this market since 2013, both as CryptoMiners as well as CryptoTraders, making money on rising and falling prices of the respective cryptocurrencies. Bearing in mind the time ALGORY have devoted to finding the best investment and trading opportunities on the cryptocurrency exchanges, ALGORY decided to place a product on the market which will streamline the whole process of making investment decisions and furthermore, will make you a more efficient and more profitable trader

The goal ALGORY want to achieve

Algory will revolutionize trading in the cryptocurrency market and become an integral part of trading for traders all over the world. Special algorithms, prepared in a manner enabling each user to independently adapt them to his/her requirements without any programming skills, will allow you to instantly seek trading opportunities and automatically open positions if You fulfill the criteria which You previously set. Each of the thirteen phases which make up ALGORY final product provides the user with unique and fully independent functions.

Algory Project will solve Your problem

ALGORY are truly excited to announce the emergence of the world’s first advanced application supporting professional trading in the cryptocurrency market. This is a complex platform which will solve the majority of Your problems related to the decision-making process which must take place in the course of investing in cryptocurrencies.

ALGORY will do ALGORY best so that You can join the group of traders who earn money in the market. Traders who do not squander their time in unnecessary analyses because they have a whole set of tools in one place. Trust us, join ALGORY ICO crowdfunding and implement this new tool in Your arsenal as soon as possible.

ALGORY want to draw Your attention to the characteristic properties of ALGORY tool:
  • Innovativeness – you will not find a tool which generates such precise signals
  • Credibility – The product is backed by devoted traders who transfer proven tools from other markets and a perfect team of programmers, managers, and specialists within their fields of expertise.
  • Complexity – it is a multifunctional tool with formidable potential which You can use in trading. Take a look at the product phases in order to understand at what levels ALGORY tool can be used.
  • Simplicity and availability – forget about the limitations of using slack, telegram tools or other messenger tools. You won’t need it; the web application will provide access to the tool from any location with an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

Development phases of the product

Access to the fastest and most credible information will determine Your success or failure in the market. Join Algory and become a winner! Find Your “edge” in the market - ALGORY product will help You achieve this goal! Below, ALGORY present the development phases of ALGORY product as well as its respective functionalities which You will be able to use in the market once the product is live.

  • Cryptoscanner – Professional scanner for cryptocurrencies
  • CryptoNews – the cryptocurrency news aggregator 
  • Trading room – trader community
  • Blockchain analyzer – blockchain trading analysis
  • ICO Analyzer – Analyzer of the Initial Coin Offering 
  • Cryptocurrency Backtester – backtests for the Cryptoscanner 
  • Arbitrage Cryptocurrency scanner – a scanner in search of arbitrage opportunities
  • Autotrading – automated order placing
  • Chart signals and analytics – signals and analytics in a chart
  • Social learning – Knowledge Base “Share Your knowledge and gain knowledge”
  • Exchange comparison – where you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies most profitably
  • Cryptocoin – Cryptocoin in a nutshell 
  • Cryptoviewer – a cryptocurrency viewer 
  • Annotation

Algory Token - utility token

Algory is a utility token which Algory Token users will use to pay for access to the product. Algory will also compensate the remuneration scheme of users who make their trading signals available to others. ALGORY use the affiliation system, thanks to which you will receive remuneration in the form of algory tokens for recommending ALGORY product. In the consecutive product phases, You can make your filters and alerts available to other users in return for remuneration

Allocation Funds

The funds gathered during the Algory ICO will be allocated to the following sections:

Detail Token

ICO Begins: December 8, 2017
ICO Expires: January 8, 2018
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 ETH = 1200 ALG
  • HARD CAP : 60,000 ETH
  • Total Supply : 75,000,000 ALG

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