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TOR-Q-ALL - Ultimate Blockchain-Based Mobile Calls & Internet

What product about?
This is a SIM-card based solution that works with any GSM phone/smartphone. One need not download an app or stay online in order to use most of the features. Furthermore, one need not to be a tech-guru to get acquaintated with it. All the controlling goes with USSD-commands.

Our core business is founded on values adherent to the philosophy of natural rights and freedoms: we help our clients maintain private during communications, and the rapid expansion of our networks is having a profound impact on the way people manage their daily lives. was established by a team of highly skilled and trained engineers with a huge experience in telecommunications in 2016. The Information contained on, or accessible through, our website is a part of this prospectus.

We are glad to introduce a completely new solution for local and international calls including limitless roaming. TOR-Q-ALL was designed to make you unchained to local operators and big brother. Remain yourself on the phone without fear of being monitored and tracked down by anyone, and be sure of pricing when surfing the internet during your vacation at country-side or abroad. Our services have been in operations for almost a year within the Eastern Europe countries.


  • Secured communication
    • Private communications were not meant to be subject to surveillance, rather it was designed to make one's life easier: to share information, to communicate with each other, to remain oneself.
  • Borderless communication
    • Stay tuned wherever you are. More than 195 countries for the same price. Unlimited calls and moderate pricing for secured (VPN) internet connection of just USD 30 / 1 Gb

The number of applications is extremely huge. Below you’ll find some scenarios for individuals or corporations:

  • Private cell sub-network 
    • Incoming and outgoing calls made possible with the private cell sub-network via assigned FMC-numbers (so called short numbers of only five digits).
    • Setup a secured S2S line for an exchange of high sensitive corporate information.
  • Hospitality solution 
    • Create a unique and modern service for accommodation of your clients, whether you are a professional hotelier or an independent AIR B'N'B renter.
  • Friendly CRM (client-relations management)
    • Setup DDI-numbers for your clients abroad and help them save money on international calls.
  • Customize your own virtual cell operator
    • Manage your company's finance within flexible fee schedule. Remain independent and state your own prices within our flexible rates.

Below please find the screenshots of the forthcoming feature LETTERHEAD CALLER'S I.D.. which may be used by service providers like Über or Gett so that a driver’s call is no surprise for a client. Below please find the visualization of this feature that is not ready yet but is expected to come Q2 2018.

Details of Token Sales
In connection with present ICO, we offer an amount of 168 000 000 TRQ tokens based on Ethereum  protocol for an initial price of 1 ETH = 3,000 TRQ . Prior to this offering, there has been no public market for our TRQ tokens.

ICO PRE-SALE : November 11, 2017
ICO Begins: December 12, 2017

Symbol: TRQ
Token Price: 1 ETH = 3 000 TRQ
Support Token: ERC20
Total Suplay: 240 000 000 TRQ

Token Distribution
70% - sold during ICO
23% - Team And Future Employees

7% -  Call-Mining Rewards Fund

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