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eSports - the biggest eSports portal in the world’s underlying principle is to deliver nothing but the best to eSports clients. Building an online community that produces engaging and exclusive content aimed at eSports enthusiasts is eSports goal.

eSports primary revenue stream consists of a four-tier offering.

The first one being eSportsonline eSports shop, allowing users to purchase merchandise, hardware or in-game items from us or licensed partners, vendors or other eSports teams

Second is eSports licensed eSports betting, providing real time and eSports focused betting. eSports will create a template specifically designed for eSports community, with features such as chats and comments during the streaming.

eSports will also provide pre-game odds and a custom user interface designed for a younger and mobile online audience. eSports target market is filled with enthusiasts that expect more than the standard sports betting customer – and eSports aim to please.

Third is eSports all-exclusive eSports University.

The university shall include guides, tutorials and coaching lessons from eSports users and professional players provided for eSports community

Furthermore, eSports will offer merchandise and exclusive training sessions – online and in person. This will allow customers to gain deeper understanding of games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, Overwatch and DotA2.

Currently, eSports are working with well-known platform providers. The long-term plan for eSports. com is to create an independent backend that serves as the control center for all eSports activities and offers. eSports have been working very close with SportsBookCloud (SBC) on creating this solution. SBC is a gold standard provider for BetRadar and represents one of the most up-to-date and best solutions on the market.

eSports partners
From the very beginning, the team behind has been highly involved in networking to create mutually beneficial solutions with potential partners inside and out of the eSports economy.

It is eSports firm belief that no participant in the eSports market will be able to provide what customers are looking for just on their own. Instead of trying to provide everything on eSports own, eSports have realized the importance of cooperating with partners. Therefore, eSports are able to widen eSports horizons, as well as provide eSports customers with a real one-stop shop for all the needs of eSports.

Over the last 6 months, eSports have been in contact with top-tier media companies and major players in the eSports industry. eSports succeeded in initiating talks, signing LOIs and getting contract offers for cooperation. eSports will announce some of eSports partners during the ICO phase.

eSports will create the community portal with a basic set of features.

Then eSports will develop together with the community and alongside your feedback more features. eSports are aware, that this is a behemoth of a project. eSports have developed other portals, which require stable environments, high availability and usually they take longer than you expect. Whoever tells you they are always on time are unprofessional. So that’s not what eSports are going to do.

eSports will promise to keep eSports contributors informed and keep developing until eSports have a product, which eSports are satisfied with. eSports have to go live with a small version, then take the journey from there together.

eSports general roadmap is:

  • December 2017
    • Go live with first version of the portal and betting offer. 
    • General content creation begins and is brought online 
    • League of Legends and CS:GO verticals are open 
    • Languages: ENG, GER
  • Q1 2018 
    • Develop more features and roll them out 
    • Send teams to every major tournament / event to produce eSportsown content coverage 
    • Add languages: RU, SP 
  • Q2 2018  
    • Search for and decision of the location for the eSports University at Berlin
    • Expand into more languages & games such as Hearthstone, DOTA2, Overwatch and so on 
    • Start heavy marketing campaign in core markets together with sponsored teams and TV/twitch presence
  • Q3 2018
    • Building and developing the eSports University 
    • Add Casino / regular sportsbook to the platform
    • Start eSports 24/7 eSports content stream together with partners
    • Expand into more test markets in Europe and legal assessment on expansion into Asia and (with subscription gaming only!) USA
  • Q4 2018
    • Opening of the eSports University 
    • Unlock premium account system
    • Expand into specific Asian countries
    • Start of developing of a subscription gaming solution for the US
  • 1st half of 2019
    • Introducing eSports premium subscriptions
    • Go live in Asia and US (subscription gaming)
    •  Launch of first eSports University competitive teams
  • 2nd half of 2019 
    • Launching V2.0 of the community platform including all features demanded by the community
    • Spread into new technologies such as VR live reporting
    • First competitive results from eSports eSports University Teams

Token details
The eSports Reward Token (ERT) will be eSports “Miles and more” program. Anything on the portal can be bought with ERT. eSports may even be able to allow betting directly on the portal via ERT, depending on the legislative environment in Malta.

Since on eSports decentralize the creation of content, it was a natural decision to also decentralize ERT into a blockchain product. If eSports had a regular loyalty program, eSports could just change the terms and conditions and this would have significant impact on the value as well as freedom of ERT holders assets. With taking the blockchain approach eSports allow ERT holders to decide what and when they want to do with their tokens without anyone being able to influence, not even

Token Distribution
20% = Team
5% = Investor
10% = Buffer
5% = Bonus
20% = Company cold storage
40% = ICO
Overall 100% 60,000,000 Token

Details of Token Sales
ICO Begins: 1st of November 2017
ICO Expires: 30th of November 2017

Symbol: ERT
Token decimals = 18
Token Price: 1 ETH = 240 ERT
Support Token: ERC20

Total Suplay: 60,000,000 ERT
Maximum Sales Target: 24.000.000 ERT

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