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BONPAY - Global blockchain solution

What's Bonpay ?

Bonpay is a cryptocurrency service created by a team of highly experienced professionals who are fans of the crypto currency. the bonpay platform provides two main products namely the cryptocurrency wallet and bonpay card that are needed to meet the needs of each client in the use of cryptocurrency becomes simpler, faster and safer. To realize the vision, the bonpay party will make a settlement by selling BON tokens on 31st October 2017.

Bonpay party itself has conducted in-depth market analysis and a way that is in need to make a transaction and confirmation of old crypto finances, for crypto users experience problems in using the blockchain assets that are owned for business or individual, with the existence of the problem, the bonpay team is committed to changing the situation and will remove the obstacles that occur for the stable and rapid work of the new system.

Why Bonpay?

Many who spend the digital currency or are often familiar with cryptocurrency, along with it too many emerging applications or platforms that provide payment methods with bitcoin, ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.

Of the many payment methods there are easy to use and some are difficult in use, so credit and debit cards from the bank is still one of the payments are still in use both online and offline, and the waste payment with the card is not accepted then people will make payments using cash, in such circumstances the gap for entry of the cryptopoon currency is narrow, but all that will change with the bonpay.
  • Bonpay has been supported by more than 125 countries
    • With the support in various parts of the world, certainly menyungk growth for you.
  • Registration and free service
    • One step ahead for bonpay account registration and also free service to guarantee.
  • Currency is supported
    • Bonpay supports more than 130 currencies and this enables you to choose the currency you need.
  • Bonpay wallet
    • You'll get as easy a payment as possible. there is only one wallet that can receive, store, and replace Cripto any way you want.
  • virtual and plastic cards
    • Through a wallet connected with Bonpay cards, Bonpay will be able to provide easy solutions for traditional digital and financial users. These plastic cards and virtual cards can be easily taken from Bonpay's wallet for online and offline payments. Furthermore, the withdrawal from this Bonpay card will be available through a network of 30+ million ATMs worldwide.
  • Receive crypto
    • You can be superior in competing with your business competitors by using a bonpay business account using crypto.

Bonpay Targer Audience

Basically we want to make a withdrawal of cryptocurrencies widespread and available for masses. But by that time our products would engage everyone, who is interested in a service, which is the assembly of the best withdrawal options and new possibilities.

Every way of Crypto usage will find an individual approach with Bonpay products. We have a versatile cryptocurrencies card solution for any option.

Bonpay Сard is an ideal solution to withdraw funds for cryptocurrencies exchange traders, miners, Internet marketers, webmasters and freelancers. It can be used easily and quickly regardless of geographical and banking boundaries.

Decentralized Liquidity Network

With Bonpay Сards our clients can make online and offline purchases with any blockchain assets of their choice and make transfers safely and instantly to any corner of the world. With the implementation of DLN Bonpay users will be able to manage their payments and transfers, and convert more cryptocurrencies to each other and fiat as easy and fast as to send a message.


Bonpay team is developing a new-age technology and soon will implement it in our business model. DLN will be based on interaction of several smart-contracts that enable liquidity providers, rich individuals as well as Bitcoin exchanges, safely cooperate rather than compete and provide their customers increased liquidity. Participants don’t need to trust each other as everything is cryptographically protected. Bonpay will be one of the equal participants of Decentralised Liquidity Network and the first who invests in it.

Details of Token Sales

ICO Begins: October 31, 2017
ICO Expires: November 28, 2017
  • NAME : BonPay
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 ETH = 500 BON
  • Hard Cap : 200,000 ETH

More Info

Website : https://bonpay.com/
Whitepaper : https://bonpay.com/whitepaper/bonpay_whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bonpaycom
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Bonpay_com
Telegram : https://t.me/bonpay_eng
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2375768

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