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Pundi X - Any store can buy, sell and accept Crypto

Pundi X is expected to become the world’s largest decentralized, offline cryptocurrency sales network. It is ‘decentralized’ because the ecosystem and transaction records live on the blockchain. It is ‘offline’ because our entry point is via Point-of-Sale (POS) devices installed in physical outlets. Pundi X devices allow users to buy cryptocurrency anywhere and anytime.

Pundi X consists of:

  • Pundi X POS device - a physical machine that uses our XPlugins and connects to the Ethereum blockchain. This device is available in convenience stores and retailers near you, connecting together to form the world’s largest offline sales network.
  • Pundi X blockchain - based on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are used to store transactions and credit rating data which is then held in the blockchain, ensuring a high degree of trust in this decentralized and secure network. All Pundi X POS devices have XPlugins.
  • PXS tokens - the “gas” that powers Pundi X. Sellers must purchase PXS tokens in order to list their goods, services or cryptocurrency. As the number of Pundi X POS device grows, so will demand for PXS. 30% of PXS will be distributed in the upcoming ICO with the rest distributed to PXS holders over the following three years.

Pundi X POS vs Bitcoin ATM
Pundi X POS devices have many advantages compared to traditional Bitcoin ATMs.

Pundi X Management Platform
The Pundi X Platform is a visual management system consisting of Pundi X POS devices. Everyone from cryptocurrency investors to developers and advertisers can login to the Pundi X Platform to buy or sell items and services. Popular applications include advertising cryptocurrency and selling cryptocurrency. All transaction that is executed by the PundiX devices are recorded in the blockchain for easy access and tracking.

Making payments using a digital wallet
All ERC20 tokens can be used to make payments at Pundi X POS device locations. Developers can use digital wallets to connect to the Pundi X API and create a smart contract for any individual merchant. Developers can even set different transaction fees for different countries. Once a merchant approves a smart contract, the newly accepted cryptocurrency can be sold in a retail outlet enabling the purchase of every day goods.

Pundi X allows developers to use these service free of charge because all Pundi X users are potential customers, boosting usage of cryptocurrencies with a wide range of applications.

Supporting digital wallets on Pundi X
The Pundi-Pundi digital wallet app supports the Pundi X Wallet API, hence all Pundi X features will be carried across to the Pundi-Pundi app. For example, using the Pundi X Platform you can also buy and advertise on Pundi-Pundi.

In the future the Pundi X Wallet API will be connected to a wide range of digital wallet apps. Many of our business partners’ digital wallet apps are in the process of integrating the APIs. All of these digital wallet apps will enjoy the benefit of access to the broad Pundi X ecosystem, including the ability to buy cryptocurrency directly within the app.

Using PXS to sell cryptocurrency
Every physical convenience store has an ‘imaginary sales rack’, and developers as well as cryptocurrency investors can list their own cryptocurrency on this ’rack’, making it easier for store visitors to make a choice and buy a listed cryptocurrency. The Pundi X POS device supports ERC20 tokens and major cryptocurrencies.

ICO details
ICO details for Pundi X Token sales are as follows:

For example, if Bob buys 10,000 tokens in week two, according to the above schedule, he will receive 11,000 tokens (an 10% on top of 10,000 tokens).


  • We accept ETH for PXS 
  • Ratio of 1 ETH = 500 PXS
  • This ICO is not an IPO (Initial Public Offering)
  • Pre-ICO:Token investors can visit the Pundi X website before the ICO to pre register with their email address. Investors will enjoy extra benefit based on the pledged amount.
  • PXS amount: If this ICO does not generate 35,000,000 PXS tokens in sales, the company reserves the right to use the remaining tokens for a second ICO. The token price for any second ICO would be greater than in this round, and the current token holders would also be rewarded. The management reserves the right to terminate this ICO and, if this decision is taken, all ETH invested will be returned to the original investors.

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