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Playkey - First Decentralized Cloud Gaming Platform

Playkey, a leading cloud gaming provider, is contemplating an ICO with the intent of exponentially accelerating the pace of cloud gaming development through decentralization. The aim is to provide gamers with a reasonably-priced opportunity to play top rated games anytime and anywhere, using any device connected to Internet, without having to purchase a high-end PC or console.

The revolution of cloud gaming has picked-up steam, but is still struggling through some obstacles, namely:

  • the complicated process of game streaming software development;
  • getting approval from game developers and publishers to use their game titles on cloud platforms; 
  • the high cost of hardware (professional GPUs, server equipment, data storage equipment, etc.).

Playkey Mission
Gaming revolution – moving into the cloud

  • Gaming is moving into the cloud, following video, music and other services. For gamers, cloud gaming is 10x cheaper than owning personal gaming hardware (PC/console), leveraging share economy principles. 
  • The development of GPUs, the Internet, and low-latency streaming, have diminished the demand for personal gaming hardware. In fact, the next generation of consoles could be the last one that is based on hardware. 
  • Moving gaming into cloud technology has now become inevitable – 70% of Steam players are unable to play AAA titles like GTA V in high resolution, and 30% of players cannot even run such titles on their obsolete PCs.
  • The demand for cloud gaming will continue to grow. The demand for latest-generation hardware, and the increased requirements from gaming caused by resource-intensive VR technologies, will be making home hardware more and more expensive and non-viable for casual gamers.

Industry leaders predict – the future of gaming is streaming

CEO of Electronic Arts ”I’m not sure there will be consoles as we know them anymore. Games will be accessed by streaming technology, so we don’t need hardware intermediaries in between the two. If you and I want to play Battlefield 12 against each other, we’ll just jump into a game via whatever monitor we happen to have in our homes. It’ll be on a chip, rather than in a box”

CEO of Ubisoft “…For the new consoles, there’s nothing official on that so my expectation is we will have another cycle of consoles before we go to streaming…”

Tekken/Bandai Namco director and producer “When there’s the PS5, it will probably be just a controller and a monitor. Then, the thing that will be left is the name of the service”

Cloud Services Leader Russia&CIs of IBM Home hardware quickly becomes obsolete. This is a constant “arms race” for gamers . Do you want to play new games with high quality? You should regularly pay for equipment upgrades. I think cloud services are an excellent solution to this problem. It gives way out of the vicious cycle and allows you to play new games forgetting about regular upgrades.

The PKT Token 
Purpose and technical description of the token 
Playkey introduces an open source cryptographic token – PKT. PKT is a cryptocurrency that will be used to buy and sell cloud gaming subscriptions as well as other Playkey services and future products. It will be the unit of account for all economic transactions within the Playkey Ecosystem, and will be used as a basis for interaction with other digital services. PKT is a fixed-supply cryptocurrency. It is long-term non-inflationary. Units of PKT are fungible and transferable, and they are expected to trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. PKT will be implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain in accordance with the ERC20 (Ethereum Token Standard). Any token implemented according to the ERC-20 standard is compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum ecosystem, which allows for quick and easy implementation. Advanced functions and high activity within the Ethereum ecosystem make it the most suitable for issuing PKT.

PKT Token usage opportunities
In the short term, PKT will be used for transactions between miners and gamers, and for purchasing gaming software. During the first stage, Playkey will integrate the PKT wallet into all Playkey accounts and will transfer all current transactions to PKT.

It is expected that PKT tokens will be bought by gamers on cryptocurrency exchanges, or on Playkey’s official website. Gamers pay tokens to miners for playing. Miners share revenue with the Playkey Foundation, which supports the software, organizes relationships with publishers, marketing and ecosystem development.

In the medium term, Playkey will decentralize the infrastructure. Servers purchased by the Development Fund after the ICO will be put on open auction, and every PKT holder will have the chance to purchase computing capacity that will generate revenue for its owner. Additionally, every miner will be able to create their own smart contracts to attract money from PKT holders and provide gamers/communities with the opportunity to fund their local regional professional miners so as to minimize latency and maximize the quality of the streaming service.

In the long term, the Playkey Foundation will expand the ecosystem to cover R&D, marketing, game development and publishing, in-game currencies, e-sport and live streams, apps and content creation.

The core of the Playkey Ecosystem – cloud gaming 
The basic architecture of the service consists of the user choosing the server on the website, connecting the client with the server, and fixing the contract at the beginning and the end of the game. A special trade service will be established to connect miners with gamers using smart contracts. Miners will be able to develop their own smart contract terms (such as pricing), or join the recommended terms based on the gaming market demand.

Interaction between a miner and a gamer 
After the successful creation of a smart contract transaction with action «Start», encrypted profiles from the CDN are downloaded to the miner’s computer, and the gamer is able to start playing. After the session ends, the encrypted profiles are uploaded to the CDN, and a smart contract transaction with action «Finish» is created. The PKT is transferred from the gamer’s wallet to the miner’s wallet. In the future, we are planning on using decentralized storage such as Storj, Sia or other service providers.
Client – server 
Client-server communication is carried out using a protocol developed by Playkey that is based on the UDP Unicast protocol. The Playkey service is adapted to work on unstable connections and can adapt the bitrate and image quality for each user.


Pre-Sale & ICO

Distributed Token for ICO: 60,000,000 PKT

Price Token: 1 PKT = 0.004 ETH

Pre-Sale Start Date: September 26, 2017

End of Pre-Sale Date: October 29, 2017

ICO Start Date: September 26, 2017

ICO End Date: November 30, 2017
  • 60.0% - PKT Token Sold = 60,000,000 PKT
  • 20.0% - Team = 20,000,000 PKT
  • 12.5% - Foundation = 12,500,000 PKT
  • 6.0%   - Advisors = 60,000,000 PKT
  • 1,5%   - Bounty - 1,500,000 PKT

        The Playkey Team
        EGOR GUREV Founder - CEO of Playkey
        ALEXEY LYKOV - Founder, CTO
        VADIM ANDREEV - Founder, Director of Game Strategy
        ROMAN EPISHIN - Chief Marketing Officer
        VLADIMIR SHESTAKOV - Development Team Leader
        MAX KUDYMOV - Playkey Product owner

        More Info 
        Website : https://playkey.io
        Whitepaper : https://cdn.playkey.net/img/playkeynet/ico/Whitepaper.pdf
        Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/playkeyICO/
        Twitter : https://twitter.com/Playkey_EN
        Telegram : https://t.me/playkey_io

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