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Papyrus - Decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising

Papyrus will be an all-new global ecosystem committed to forward thinking technology and transparency in the form of a global decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governed by token-holders and developed by the Papyrus Foundation. In this spirit, all Papyrus components and libraries will be open sourced.

Papyrus tokens (PPR2) will become the basic tokens for decentralized Internet advertising. All payments, exchanges, incentives and fees on the Papyrus decentralized market for digital advertising will require PPR. The total supply of PPR tokens will be limited to the amount of tokens created during the initial PPR token sales described below.

  1. To build the world’s most efficient digital advertising ecosystem. Blockchain technology, decentralization and scalability solutions will enable Papyrus to:

    • Preserve sensitive data that users want to keep private while still enabling precise audience targeting using appropriate data processing;
    • Compensate users directly for voluntarily sharing their personal data;
    • Build a sophisticated value-based reputation system that significantly decreases the level of non-human traffic and other types of fraud between participants;
    • Minimize the risks for advertising businesses from excessive government regulation, criminal attacks and security breaches;
    • Increase the agility of all business processes by enforcing everything in real-time via blockchain smart contracts and state channels 3 to eliminate transactional bureaucracy, corresponding offline paper work and the need for traditional bookkeeping;
    • Create an economy that incentivizes the developer community to produce more and more efficient applications that solve practical tasks in advertising;
    • Dynamically balance the interests of users, publishers, advertisers and developers for smooth, accelerated and economically viable progress towards new and more efficient advertising products.

  2. To incentivize the adoption of Papyrus within the global digital advertising market.
    By presenting open source libraries and approaches that simplify the integration of Papyrus with traditional digital ad-tech solutions, we will ease adoption of the ecosystem into the online advertising industry
  3. To become the industry standard for digital advertising.
    Our ultimate goal for Papyrus is to become the global industry standard for all digital advertising business within a decentralized economy on a single liquidity pool.
  4. To create a fully open and transparent ecosystem.
    We will maintain market leadership and create a robust ecosystem around a basic infrastructure of open source components developed by the Papyrus team. The Papyrus design with DAO governance will be flexible enough to upgrade contracts, protocols, adjust fees and enforce other necessary structures and agreements developed and driven by the community of users and developers.  

Papyrus is planning to use a milestone-based approach and schedule several token generation (“TGE”) rounds:

  • TGE Round 1: Launch on 12th of October 2017 after the deployment of the initial scope of the Papyrus ecosystem prototype in Ethereum network.
  • TGE Round 2: The TGE Round 2 will be launched after Papyrus deploys permanent version of the ecosystem smart contracts and successfully launches pilot integrations with target external advertising platforms and partners providing benefits in real use cases. Papyrus expect this will take place in the next few months.
  • TGE Round 3: Tokens allocated for this event will be locked until 2019. TGE Round 3 will be launched no earlier than in 2019 after Papyrus achieves significant market traction, grows its user base and ad traffic volume within the ecosystem. 

Smart contracts for all token sales will undergo independent third party audits from credible companies before launch to ensure the security and integrity of the code.

Papyrus will be introducing two different tokens:
  • PRP – Papyrus Prototype Tokens that will be used in the ecosystem prototype. 
  • PPR – Papyrus Permanent Tokens that will be used in the permanent version of the ecosystem. These tokens will be generated during TGE Round 2 and will serve as the permanent tokens of the Papyrus economy during its long-term development and adoption on the digital advertising market.
All 100% of prototype tokens emission will be exchanged to 15% of overall permanent tokens emission after TGE Round 2. Papyrus plan to suspend support of the prototype ecosystem and continue with development of permanent ecosystem after TGE Round 2 is complete and the exchange of prototype tokens to permanent ones is opened.

Token Utility
Both PRP and PPR are a ERC20-compliant utility tokens usable within the Papyrus for:
  • Making advertiser payments for ad campaigns; 
  • Compensation for publishers and users;
  • Proof-of-Stake deposits for connected participants (Publishers, dDSPs, dSSPs, Auditors,Ad Agencies, Advertisers) to ensure fair play and secure Papyrus against fraud; 
  • Paying service fees to ecosystem participants, including dDSPs, dSSPs, Auditors, and others providers of specific services within the ecosystem; 
  • Governance of the Papyrus ecosystem, including votes for dispute resolutions, and votes for Papyrus protocol upgrade proposals, changes in basic fee limits and thresholds.

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