Tuesday, October 3, 2017


HIPE is an innovative ecosystem with elements of blockchain technology. It combines many necessary services for work, business and communication. Already now this is an innovative working product that:

  • takes into account all the needs of B2B and B2C companies; 
  • combines dozens of unique and well-known in-demand services in one application; 
  • is a system open for development, modification and external integration. The target audience is waiting for such solutions. Investors will be convinced of this in the near future when the effectiveness of paid services and marketplaces will be on full display. Developers believe that the time for the HIPE ecosystem to enter the ICO-project market was chosen correctly. This product will bring the application market to a new level of development. It creates a completely different way and format for interaction of everybody with everyone for the best result, comfort and efficiency. 

HIPE ecosystem for business and personal interaction will carve out a unique niche in the applications market. The product has no direct analogues and competitors offering such an extensive and convenient service. Investments in product innovation with the possibility of large-scale expansion is of interest to all crypto market participants.

Ways of Product Monetization A large-scale project open to integration with external services offers several ways of monetization:

  • premium modules - analytics, external calls; 
  • advertising; 
  • commission for payment; 
  • paid entertainment content; 
  • subscription options; 
  • paid advertising search queries and transitions to integrated modules. As the ecosystem develops and the number of users grows there will appear other ways to increase the total profit of the project and its cost-effectiveness. Price of the pilot tokens and payment tokens will increase. Smart contracts integration excludes token issuance policy violations published in WHITEPAPER and TOKEN SALE POLICY, attraction of investments in the project, budget allocation and profit.  

HIT Tokens Cryptographic tokens described in this section, are tokens working on blockchain compatible with HIPE software. HIT token is “produced” at the tokens factory using the API as a final point. It is a consistent information stored on blockchain.
The main functions of HIT tokens are:

  • a means of attracting investments through the ICO; 
  • internal currency for using paid services; 
  • a means of payment between ecosystem users; 
  • payment of fees and service charges; 
  • distribution of profit between the investors in proportion to the number of purchased tokens; 
  • a means of payment under smart contracts Transaction fees commission in token amounts to 5% of its amount. The fee is charged automatically based on smart contract. 

More Info : 
Website : https://ico.hipe-me.com/
Whitepaper : https://ico.hipe-me.com/pdf/en/ENG_HIPE_White_Paper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/HIPE-119387808799438/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/HIPE_ico
Telegram : https://t.me/hipe_ico
Slack : https://hipeico.slack.com/
Medium : https://medium.com/@HIPE_ico

Author : mriansa
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