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WORDCOIN - Cryptocurency Supplied With Freelance Services

What is WE

We present to you the world’s first financial blockchain-powered product – WORD.EXPERT (WE) – a multi-functional platform, enabling users to transact in WORDCOIN, a cryptocurrency supported by the services bring provided. Here, users can obtain the interrelated and completed services, reasonably unified in the frames of the platform, tasks:

  1. WE will become the world’s largest, blockchains-powered copywriting platform. Using this system, the Customer will be able to order high-quality materials, while benefiting from assurances of smart contracts. The Customer will be able to order a wide range of services, including reviews, articles, press releases, booklets, etc. After he has selected the copywriter with the desired ratings and aligned with the same the price and terms for the order, the Customer will receive the fully completed job in the timely manner, approve the same, and transfer to the Contractor the WORDCOIN-denominated remuneration amount, stipulated by the contract. After that, the parties to the deal will be able to assign the ratings to each other’s accounts.
  2. WE will become the world’s largest blockchains-powered translations platform. The Customer will be able to obtain the inexpensive and expedient translation services for their website, including subsequent proofreading by a native speaker. For instance, they will need only 15 minutes to order the translation of the website into 50 languages. This is a completely new approach to the market in these services that is driven by decentralization and will help break down the borders between countries.
  3. At WE, the Customer will be able to order the services for SEO optimization and website promotion, as well as any other webpages that are controlled by the same and contain the information about his company or the product, propelling them into the top positions in search engine results. Using the platform, the Customer will be able to manage the behavioral factors, place backlinks from the webpages of popular site, leverage social media accounts and receive sustainable and high-quality traffic. Using the intuitive interface, the Customer will be able to look through the report on progress from the Contractor and approve the deliverables.
  4. UNIQUE SERVICE, PROVIDED AT THE PLATFORM – “ORM REPUTATION MANAGEMENT”. The first three above-specified lines of work – copywriting, translations and SEO optimization – deliver a multiplicative effect and improved efficiencies in PR, when augmented by one other component – a suite of well-promoted websites, at which the Customer can rent pages and publish information. 

What Drives High Demand for Copywriting Services?

Copywriting is one of the key and most demanded professions in the Internet and it has the largest amount of job offerings. This is to explain. The Internet is built by texts with websites containing headings, passages, descriptions and texts of various types. Daily, millions of news articles, posts and other publications appear online. Thus, the text is only the source of information that can be easily recognized by both people and search machines.

In order for the website to take the top positions in Google and other search engines, the owner has to publish and regularly update useful and unique information, featuring a correct saturation level in keywords, being of interested for users. Consequently, copywriting is essential for the website’s successful development, an increase in the number of its pages, and its promotion and traffic.

 If we look at the worldwide web from a different perspective, 99.9% of the websites that we visit are crated to attract audiences of readers/viewers and derive profits from advertising of the goods/services that the company produces on its own or outsources to somebody else. To draw large audiences, the company needs to post the information that people be interested in, i.e. the texts, created by external copywriters or the website owner himself.

Today, the capitalization of the copywriting market stands at th trillion USD. Even accounting for such a high volume, it’s not easy to find truly good copywriters and the need has long been seen for the one-stop and decentralized platform that would bringing together the completing services and benefit users from the intuitive interface. WE will make enable mass media outlets, magazines, online editions and any other companies to move away from on-staff copywriters and hire employees via the platform.

Road Map

The project has the following four core projects:

  • Fundraising (ICO); 
  • Establishment;
  • Launch;
  • Development. 
This is the stage-by-stage timeline for this project:
  • Stage 1. “Fundraising”, September 17 – October 17 ICO to sell out WORDCOIN tokens. Active coverage across mass media, conferences, forums, social media and chats with detailed description for core advantages of the platform\
  • Stage 2. “Establishment”, November 17 – February 18 Roll-out of the MPV platform and attraction of the first websites, customers and Contractors; mooring business processes. Active campaign to inform all stakeholders on the preparation to the platform launch.
  • Stage 3. “Roll-Out”, May 2018 The WE platform will be ready to fully-fledged access in 7 months from the completion of the fundraising procedure. Seeking to attract new users, the early-adopters will receive the bonuses for registration and successful completion of a job. In parallel, the raised funds will used to roll out an active PR campaign with the detailed plan in place and understanding about the channels for attraction of new users to the WE platform. Prior to August 2018, all transactions will be made in WORDCOIN. The first Customers will be able to buy the cryptocurrency on the internal exchange from the ICO-level investors, while the Contractors will be able to convert WORDCOIN into ETH at the platform’s internal exchange.
  • Stage 4. “Development”, 2019-2025 Roll-out of new services, offered by new groups of Contractors.

More Info : 
Website : https://wordcoin.io/
Whitepaper : https://wordcoin.io/wp/WP_WORDCOIN_English.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wordcoin.io/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/wordcoin_io
Telegram : https://t.me/wordcoin
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/wordcoin/
Github : https://github.com/WORDCOIN
Slack : Here
Ann Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2152962.0

Author : mriansa

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