Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Referex - Revolutionising Referral Marketing

Referex is Affiliate networking and referrals are a billion dollar market with several companies signing up millions of publishers and advertisers. The facilitation of payments and tracking is a big operation which involves a great amount of trust.

The platform hosts referral programs and facilitates the discovery, tracking and payout of referrals. In essence removing the majority of the friction.

All referrals happen on the blockchain. Info is accessible on the blockchain at anytime and anywhere.

Smart contracts enforce authenticity between the advertiser and publisher. There is no need for trust between parties.

Not controlled by any third party. Advertisers and publishers can collaborate in confidence. No risk of failure.

Advertisers are bound by the smart contract to payout when referrals are registered.
Token Sale

The token sale is run entirely autonomously using the smart contracts.

Period 1: Free tokens & Presale
This period is conducted between 26 September - 27 September.

Period 2: Referral Program
To validate the blockchain application of referrals, the crowdsale is also setup as a Referex referral program using the Referex platform.

During this period, contributors may refer others. To register the referral, the new contributor must use the Referex DAPP to send their contribution while including the address of the referer.

  • This period will remain open until all tokens are allocated.
  • The referer must have a balance of REFX tokens.

More Info
Website : https://referex.io/
Whitepaper : https://referex.io/#whitepaper
Twitter : https://twitter.com/referex
Telegram : https://t.me/referex
Slack : https://slack.referex.io/

Author : mriansa
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