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Providence - Crypto Casino & Resort

Providence is the first cashless physical casino and resort in the world. The proposed hotel is to have 148 bedrooms, a ground floor restaurant with waterfront terrace, a new second-floor restaurant (above the casino), a rooftop pool, and conference space, and it will be high-end 'boutique' in quality.

Providence represents a casino that is the first of its kind: 100% cashless and operating solely with cryptocurrencies enabled by integration with advanced blockchain technology. Through the blockchain, Providence will allow players to walk into Providence physical casino and exchange cryptocurrency for chips that will enable them to engage in all of their favorite adrenaline-inducing casino games on the premises. In essence, Providence will enable players to turn their cryptocurrencies into fun and usable assets in the physical realm, thus addressing a major issue with crypto currencies and actual consumption. To create a truly cashless enterprise, Providence innovative blockchain technology will be integrated into every retail outlet in the casino, including the hotel, restaurants, and luxury product stores. All revenues generated by the retail stores will be secured in fiat at rates pegged to the current currency rates.

As you already know, online cryptocurrency casinos have taken off, but there's currently almost no place you can go to physically spend your cryptocurrency on gambling. Online casinos can be fun, but nothing compares to the true casino atmosphere as you and your friends cheer each other on during your favorite action-packed casino games.

Through Blockchain Technology and Providence Exchange integration, clients will be able to walk into Providence physical casino and exchange cryptocurrency for chips that will enable them to play their favorite adrenaline-inducing casino games. In essence, Providence will enable players to turn their cryptocurrencies into fun and usable assets in the physical realm, thus addressing a major issue with currently limited solutions in the real world. Blockchain technologies alleviate the resort’s Gaming and Retail sector of conversion burdens. To compound convenience, providence pegs generated revenues to current exchange rates.

Providence ambitions are high and this is what we try to reflect on Providence roadmap. The timeline
for big milestones is laid out beneath:

  • January 2017 
    •  Providence Idea & Concept 
    • The first concepts and plans are put to paper. Core management and investor team is formed
  • 1st of September 2017 
    • Providence Website 
    • The first version of the site is released and carries most relevant information about the Providence project and the upcoming pre-sale of the Providence PVE Token.
  • Mid-September 2017 
    • Providence Whitepaper 
    • Detailed white paper laying out concepts and business details revolving around Providence Crypto Casino & Resort and the upcoming Token Sale
  • 25th of September 
    • The first batch of tokens with a 20,000 ETH Pre-Sale cap will be placed on sale for early contributors. The Pre-Token sale will last for two weeks with incentivized bonus & reward structure. More info will be released on the upcoming Pre-Sale page.
  • October 2017 
    • Procurement of 99-year lease for Casino Premises 
    • Issuance of Providence Casino Licence 
    • Engagement of Design Consultants and Architects for interior layouts / plans o Development of interior layouts, plans and mock-ups
  • November 2017
    • Online Casino Beta Version Launched 
    • First BETA version of the online casino platform is introduced and opened to general public. Test-net Currencies will be available for introduction to the platform.
    • The remaining batch of Providence Tokens will be placed on sale and offered to the public with a Max Token Sale Cap of 125,000 ETH. The Token Sale will be active for 30 days.
  • Providence Exchange Beta Version Launched  
    • First BETA version of the platform will be launched, and users will be able to register and get familiar with the platform. PVE token pairs will not yet be integrated, and trading won't begin until the main token sale has ended.
  • Start of Intensive Marketing Activities
    • Heavy marketing campaigns will be launched to promote Providence's opening in Q2 2018 with the palette of services and facilities.
  • December 2017
  • Updates on Providence Architectural Activities 
    • Blueprints, Photos, Mock-up’s, and Layouts.
  • Online Casino Platform Launched 
    • Four major cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, PVE) deposits will be rolled out with an initial set of games.
  •  Start of Casino and Hotel Renovation & Refurbishment  
    • Actual construction work starts on the Providence premises.
  • First Quarter 2018 (Q1)
    • Providence Gold & Silver Debit Cards
    •  Cards are shipped to exclusive pre-sale contributors that participated with selected amounts
  • Providence Progress Updates  
    • Two checkpoints with updates on the Casino & Hotel Renovations.
  • Second Quarter 2018 (Q2) 
    • Integration of Providence Exchange 
    • Providence Exchange system linked to Casino and all other facilities in the Resort
  • Providence Crypto Casino & Resort opens for Guests 
    • The big day arrives. Exact Dates will be announced in 2018.
  • Second Half of 2018 (Q3-Q4) 
    • Providence Smart-Contract for Reward Redistribution 
    • Implementation and Testing of Providence Reward System outlined in the whitepaper.
  • First Half of 2019 (Q1-Q2) 
    • Integration of Offline & Online Casino o Online casino to be interconnected on top of Physical Casino with unique ways of new gaming.
  • Second Half of 2019 (Q3-Q4) 
    • Providence Expansion Plans Announced o New roadmap, plans and partnerships will be introduced. 

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