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CINDICATOR | Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management

How it works Science behind

Cindicator is a decentralized, community-driven infrastructure that harnesses the value of collective+artificial intelligence. Hybrid Intelligence is a technological symbiosis of Man and Machines. This synergy enables Cindicator to make more precise decisions in a world of growing uncertainty, benefiting our individual members and the community as a whole.

Our technology is built upon millions of decentralized analyst predictions processed by our technology, driven by artificial intelligence(AI). We believe the integration of decision-making approaches provides an exciting opportunity to solve problems and current challenges of participants of financial markets. Community members provide us with regular predictions, which add significant value to the technology and therefore improve predictive robustness.

Our tech engine is continually learning by taking historical data and reviewing the performance of those predictions using the complex of statistical tools and machine-learning approaches. Cindicator’s platform adapts dynamically, correcting its models by continually actualizing better “weights of trust” to the analysts. The continual review, adaption and correction crystallize the accuracy of financial forecasts.
Hybrid Intelligence Platform, powered by Cindicator’s advanced technology infrastructure, gives us a real-time market perspective. This synergy of Man and Machine enables the Cindicator Team and CND token holders to make smarter decisions, based on data science, and generate returns for our community.

Technological infrastructure for investment funds
The final goal is to create complete infrastructure for the new generation investment funds which will buy access to Cindicator technology (API, forecasting module, data science module, trading module, GUI module, security system).

The funds will be able to access this technology by buying necessary (see section 4.2) amount of CND tokens on the exchanges (from their owners, by market price). The funds will also buy a license by paying % (a performance fee) of their final portfolio. Those payments will be used for buying back tokens from the market, in order to increase motivation for forecasters and other active participants of the ecosystem.

The number of funds that will get access to the full infrastructure will be limited in order to maximize eficiency of the infrastructure on each market (crypto-assets market, traditional stock market, currencies market, derivatives market, venture capital market). This will add an eficient supplement for Cindicator's ecosystem, increasing its sustainability and provide benefits for all active members.

Technological entrepreneur with 8 years of experience in launching companies in big data and predictive analytics.
After graduating from Bauman Moscow State University, I should have started designing spaceships but curiosity and cravings for IT products predetermined my entrepreneur path.
The book by Isaac Asimov “Foundation,” which I read as a child, led to the launch of the Cindicator company 15 years later.
Black swan ideologist, superforecaster, and Cindicator’s triathlon team captain.

Out-of-the-box inventor, entrepreneur, and distributed applications developer. Started coding aged 10.
Traveled the world, winning competitions in sailing, math, and informatics. Highly skilled in rapid nonclassical problem-solving using extraordinary approaches.
Passionate about new challenges and revolutionary ideas. Involved in deep psychology, human and machine consciousness, complex systems interaction, neuro-communications, and explorations beyond rational limits. 

 Founder of IT companies in development outsourcing, medicine, and financial analytics.
My role in Cindicator is to unite all the members of the team, who have very different expertise, into a single intelligence that is able to solve the most ambitious goals. This is a very unique experience—to create a united technical sprint for the whole team of traders, scientists, and developers.
An active member of St. Petersburg cultural life and start-up movement. ITMO lecturer. Never give up.

Believe that algorithms, program code, and application architecture should be as expressive as Monferrand's cathedral and Da Vinci's pictures.
Believe that AI is able to solve challenges that have not been solved by people yet. Furthermore, in fields such as finance, medicine, and education the future belongs to AI.
Study blockchain and algorithmic trading in the evenings and participate in open-source projects on weekends.
I am absolutely sure that every problem has a solution and nothing is impossible!

A software engineer with extensive experience in development and data analysis. Master's degree in computer science.
Have been interested in traditional and crypto financial markets for 5 years.
Fascinated to be a part of the team and develop the unique technology that can change the financial world and create the future.

An analyst with more than 10 years of experience in finance. An active trader who trades both traditional and crypto financial markets.
Along with the Cindicator team, I am changing the approach to financial analysis and creating the world's first ecosystem run by Hybrid Intelligence.
My responsibilities include the selection of different financial instruments for analysis by the Hybrid Intelligence as well as the development of new trading strategies and the improvement of current ones.

Have been working on design in a wide variety of fields for many years. In Cindicator I have been lucky enough to work on the integration of science and technology that is why I am really fascinated with the work on Hybrid Intelligence.
Our team is at the very beginning of the road, but we are already in the distant future.
In my spare time, I am fond of neuroscience and enjoy art.

An iOS developer and data scientist with more than 4 years of experience in developing mobile applications. Have created more than 15 unique applications with different content.
Graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Department of SPbSU with a degree in applied mathematics and computer science.
Involved in developing and testing various trading strategies for both traditional and crypto financial markets. Fascinated by the technical analysis of financial markets, machine learning, and astronomy.

Trader with more than 5 years experience of active trading and asset management. Master's degree in finance. Black swan catcher.
Successfully shorted Russian market right before the Crimean crisis in February 2014, the U.S. stock market before the panic selloffs in August 2015 and January 2016, as well as before Brexit and Trump's election.
Responsible for the development and implementation of new trading strategies. Passionate about the creation of a unique investment fund managed by Hybrid Intelligence.

A front-end developer with 7 years of expertise. From subtle animation markup to complex web-app architecture, the front-end is my ultimate passion.
Deadline-driven development adept. Currently on the path to conquer WebGL technology.
Cindicator gives me the opportunity to combine the most modern technologies of hybrid intelligence with a great user interface.
Hold the record for the most pull-ups in the office.

A developer-turned-data-scientist. Before joining the Cindicator team, I explored neuroinformatics at SPbPU.
Cindicator gives me an opportunity to continue researching communication between humans and machines from a new perspective: cooperation between a human mind and artificial intelligence—Hybrid Intelligence.
Working on Hybrid Intelligence is my main passion. In addition, I am very keen on photography and rock climbing.

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