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Persona - Your Own Digital Self

Persona represents the solution for identity management, aligned with the latest data protection regulations. Its scope is to empower the individual and grant them the control over their personal data as well as the means to secure access to their private details. 

  • leverage on identity management services for the individual based on what the blockchain technology can offer; 
  • protect individuals personal details. While it is obvious that individuals need to provide their details to various entities(Facebook, Google or any website they visit), they have no control over it after sharing. Persona puts individuals back in the driver seat;
  • empower each person and to give them the power on what it shares and with whom when it comes about their identity and private details;
  • allow entrusted third parties which with private details to enrich their services by offering trust as a service;
  • prevent fake news, by providing a decentralized identity management system, Persona will provide the trust level we all need when we rely on news; based on the public Persona profile of any content creator, we can track down news to their source. 
  • streamline onboarding process since an individual might be already checked by some entity enrolled in the system;
Persona is designed as a decentralized application with no single point of failure, keeping all records encrypted. The individuals have the control over the granularity of the details they want to share, with whom they are sharing it and for how long. With the launch of Bitcoin in late 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto offered a glimpse of the underlying technology that powers its decentralized network, the blockchain.

The main strong points which the blockchain technology offers are:
  • Replace the middleman: There is no need anymore of a trustful side, one that can be and is trusted by both sides involved in a transaction;
  • Decentralization: there is no single point of failure, while attacking the network is virtually impossible; 
  • Immutability: a record written on the blockchain is there forever, unalterable;

Blockchain Design
The Persona Blockchain represents a DPoS system with 51 delegates which makes 5 6 use of the Ark technology (Persona is a fork of ARK, following ARK’s vision of approach). The number of delegates has been set to 51 in order to support the estimated number of nodes and transactions for the first year.

Persona will use the Distributed Ledger Technology for managing user permissions, approval transactions and proof-of-identity. We will deploy our own blockchain, called The Persona Blockchain.

Detail of Token

  • NAME : Persona
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 PRS = $0,2 (Period of TGE)
  • SOFT CAP : -
  • HARD CAP : -
  • Total Supply : 70,000,000 PRS

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