Monday, December 11, 2017

USERVICE - Decentralized Blockchain Platform For Automotive Industry

What is Uservice?

Uservice Project is a Decentralized Online Platform based on the Ethereum blockchain which will use smart-contract. Ethereum technology allows registering any deals and operations with automobiles on a distributed contract basis like Blockchain without using standard legal procedures. All operations with cars will be clear, controllable and safe.

Uservice System is intended not only for registering operations and deals between drivers and car service stations. It represents a basis of a brand new ecosystem which consists of driver service, statistical data compilation and analysis, and creation of new business processes in automotive industry. For example, drivers, dealers, insurance companies, car service stations, auto groups and digital solution providers can connect to the System and offer their services, which will increase blockchain value.

Entry points
The Uservice strategy of global market coverage starts with the most comfortable entry points. This way business start, testing and the beginning of global service deployment commence in the most preferential region with minimal costs and maximally quick growth potential. Among the criteria for choosing the countries were market potential and organization, legislative aspects, mobile communication penetration and other conditions.

Solution Provided

The Uservice Platform solves the above problems through the single Global Blockchain Platform, which associates drivers, dealers, insurance companies, car service stations, auto groups and part distributors. By connecting to our platform they obtain the opportunity to cooperate, thereby increasing the transparency and efficiency of their business processes.

The Uservice Platform applies blockchain technology based on Ethereum smart-contract. Blockchain provides total operating activity awareness of company. Blockchain technology will provide an opportunity to store and analyse large volumes of data, as well as to create clear and open history of car operations. Based on our successful product and the blockchain technology, the new Uservice Platform will make life of its participants easier, more convenient and safe.

Monetization Mode

The Monetization Model of the Project is completely intelligible.
The commission level is calculated on the basis of charging zones, which characteristics are determined through marketing researches in a particular region and are unified within each specific region, which makes it possible for the customers to always be sure that they receive a service at the most favorable price.

The funds raised during the token sale and the blockchain technology itself will give the opportunity to significantly expand the ways of product monetizing by involving various participants of the automotive industry in our ecosystem community.

Detail of Token & Allocation Fund

ICO Begins: December 18, 2017
ICO Expires: February 1, 2018
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 UST = 0,0005
  • HARD CAP : 300,000 ETH
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 UST
  • Token Distribution : February 10, 2018

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