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StrikeCoin - Options, Futures, Coins and Other Derivatives 

Dimensions Network approaches the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a business‐centric and operative  way. We focus on research and innovation which will lead to tangible results within a projectable  time‐frame. We learn valuable lessons and build knowledge while solving real world problems, and  use this to leverage our position within the market.

We have started by building a centralized Derivative Trading Platform that supports coin pair  trading, options contracts and futures contracts. We anticipate a great interest for these new  derivatives and a substantial return on investment. Moving forward we will expand our services onto  a decentralized network, and offer our users cryptographically secure derivative trading.

We will leverage our customer base and industry knowledge to develop a real‐time transactional  currency. We will build out solutions and focus our rollout on geographies where there is significant  friction in the existing banking system, and hence a great opportunity.


  • Build and operate the most professional cryptocurrency trading platform, with a full range of  services from coin pair trading to options, futures and other derivatives.
  • Establish ourselves as the leading Centralized and Decentralized trading platforms within the crypto  ecosystem with interconnected liquidity pools.
  • Disrupt the fiat currency system by using our hard fought innovations to establish a real‐time  cryptocurrency with global reach and accessibility to the masses 


A financially sustainable approach to cryptocurrency trading and development, and to overcome  major technical and industrial challenges facing the crypto industry.  

StrikeCoin Plan

  • Phase 1 – Centralized Platform – Rapid Revenue Generation
    Build a scalable high performance trading platform for: coin pairs, margin, shorting, options  contracts, futures contracts. This platform will deliver significant financial returns as the appetite for  hedging and leverage grows, and will help towards funding future developments.  Our Institutional  clients will be drawn to our platform by our multi‐exchange Liquidity Aggregator. We will pursue  banking licenses in multiple jurisdictions to guarantee our users the ability to deposit and withdraw  FIAT.
  • Phase 2 – Decentralized Platform – Security and Transparency 
    Our second objective is to utilize decentralized networks to replicate our platform. This will allow  unrestricted, fully transparent trading, free from centralization risks. The initial Liquidity on this  decentralized network will come from linking this new decentralized platform to our existing  centralized platform. The two platforms complement one another and allow breathing room for the  future development of decentralized technologies and protocols 
  • Phase 3 – Real Time Currency 
    Our third objective is to produce a real time transactional currency and exploit our customer base to  gain traction in key markets.


A hedge fund wants to purchase 20 Million USD of ETH. They need an exchange or OTC facility which can accept their 20 Million USD without problems or delays, then purchase sufficient cryptocurrency  without impacting the current market price.


The second phase in our roadmap is to obtain a banking license, as this will allow us to accept and
send large fiat transfer without issues. We will accept their funds and use the liquidity on our
exchange, and the many other exchanges we are connected to, to source the required quantity of
coins with the minimum impact to the market price on any one exchange. We will use the forex
markets to match our clients’ currency with the purchase currency on the relevant exchange.

Details of Token Sale

ICO Begins: January 24, 2018
ICO Expires: Febuary 24, 2018
  • NAME : StrikeCoin
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 ETH = 800 STC
  • TARGET : 150,000 ETH
  • TOTAL SUPPLY : 240,000,000

    More Info

    Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2261537
    Website : https://dimensions.network/en/
    Whitepaper : https://dimensions.network/static/home/doc/DimensionsNetworkWhitepaper.pdf
    Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/dimensionsnetwork/
    Twitter : https://twitter.com/DN_STC
    Telegram : https://t.me/DimensionsTalk
    Raddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/DimensionsNetwork/

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