Monday, December 4, 2017 - Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement with BLOCKCHAIN SERVICE

StopTheFakes is a Blockchain-based decentralized service aiming to detect counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights, created on the Ethereum smart contract platform. Blockchain technology has been implemented by using the open source license. The project has its own token, which is the only method of payment within its framework.

Our basic idea is to build a completely transparent and reliable system that could transfer data from users to right holders. We assume responsibility for providing the necessary infrastructure and bringing together those who want to learn about any infringement of their rights and those who can provide this information due to their geographic location or other factors. We assume responsibility for ensuring that customers remunerate providers and retain part of the remuneration as a commission fee.

Tokens issued by us will be the only means of payment that customers will purchase for remuneration purposes. Their quantity is limited, and Blockchain technology principles guarantee protection against forgery. Ethereum’s smart contracts ensure the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken.

Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency operating since January 2009. It was followed by Namecoin, launched two years later, in April 2011. Now, thousands of various cryptocurrencies are in existence, but only a small fraction of them are actively traded on exchanges and exchanged for fiat currency.
According to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development, the counterfeit market is over $461 billion, and the International Chamber of Commerce estimates that it will reach $2.81 trillion by 2022. The losses suffered by holders of intellectual property rights from computer piracy are difficult to estimate.

The public bodies and right holders spend huge sums on the detection of infringements of intellectual property rights, but to no avail. Fakes producers act quicker and are better organized! You’ll be surprised to know that only one out of ten clandestine enterprises are localized and shut!

As a result, consumers obtain low-quality products, the environment is polluted, governments get less tax revenues, the number of jobs goes down, and right holders lose from 20% to 70% of their legal profits!

Our solution

  • is a service allowing its users to detect violators of intellectual property rights, producers and distributors of counterfeit goods and pirates anywhere in the world! 
  • Governments and Right Holders will no longer have to spend enormous amounts of money searching for smugglers! 
  • The army of Doers is ready for work! Doers are remunerated for every recorded infringement! All they need to do is take a picture or make a video or a screenshot on their smartphone or PC. 
  • In 12 to 16 months, detection of large numbers of infringements will allow access to the Big Data system for an additional analysis of the data collected in order to work in a proactive manner and to predict infringement patterns.

Using Ethereum-based Blockchain technology, we can guarantee the inalterability, authenticity and integrity of the infringements detected by Users, as well as the compliance with the rules by all users of the service.

STFCoin is the only method of payment on Users can purchase it with cryptocurrencies (on our service or at stock exchanges) or with fiat currencies (we will issue invoices in compliance with all the EU regulations, since our headquarters will be located in Prague, the Czech Republic).

How Does the System Work?
Users will view the service in different ways, the main differences being functionality and interface

From the perspective of the Requestor
All Requestors will have the same status. Small companies and private entrepreneurs will enjoy the same benefits as large corporations. To maintain equal rights in the future, we intend to set a limit to the maximum amount payable to Doers. The amount will depend on the recording method and the difficulty level of a request, rather than the Requestor’s desire to have the top priority in fulfilling Requests.

The Requestor can also view the Requests posted by other Requestors (with no detailed information), but he will not be able to select Doers or promote his own Requests. It is important that Doers take up the Requests that are best suitable for them in terms of geographical location, knowledge of languages, education and video shooting skills rather than those that are better paid.

When making a written claim against the Offender or using other ways to protect his rights, the Requestor indicates the ID (identification number) or the generated URL address of the infraction authenticated and recorded via Blockchain technology. The information about this infraction is available on the service.

From the perspective of the Doer
The Doer will view all the Requests submitted to the service and will be able to filter them by geographical location, time, language, etc. He will also have access to all the ratings and see his own standing and that of other Doers.

The Doer will find information about other Doers in the rating and its dynamics only. The Doer will have no access to their personal and other confidential information. At the same time the Doer's identity will remain anonymous both to Requestors and offenders.

From the perspective of the Offender
Part of the official website of the service will be open to all, featuring – in addition to general information – data concerning anti-infringement measures, which is accessible upon the Requestor’s consent. For instance, the Requestor wishes to give Offenders a chance to stop their illegal activities. To do that, he will be able to publish the geographical data on the identified infringements of rights. There will be an option to open only data related to location, time and quantity. All other information will be inaccessible to public.

Details of Token Sales

Pre - ICO Begins: January 21, 2018
Pre - ICO Expires: February 21, 2018

 : STFCoin
TOTAL SUPPLY For Pre-ICO : 1,305,000

ICO Begins: March 21, 2018
ICO Expires: April 21, 2018

TOTAL SUPPLY Pre-ICO : 20,271,000

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