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REALISTO - Real estate investment for Everyone

Get in early on the REALISTO coin offering for a new platform based on a revolutionary concept: the democratization of secure, high-yield real estate investing via asset-backed token. Claim a stake in the first and only international, blockchain-based hub for tokenized investment, targeting the Berlin real estate market. Be a part of shaping the future of real estate tokenization. Tokens backed by assets, assets backed by expertise: the REALISTO way


Creating access for investors of all kinds 
REALISTO offers just that: a realistic way to profitably use the breakthrough technology and ideology that blockchain represents. REALISTO is changing the way people participate in the global real estate market. We see societal value in crowd-investing as a way to democratize the investment industry. We seek to demonstrate this claim via our ICO, coming this November. Once launched, the REALISTO team of real estate experts will immediately set up and manage a portfolio. This portfolio will serve as a model for the future ICOs to be launched through our platform, according to the strict quality and fiduciary standards that we have established for ourselves.

Strategy Real Estate Investment

The real estate market offers exceptionally high returns to investors who are diligent and have in-depth market knowledge. Germany in general, and Berlin in particular, have demonstrated strong and stable overall growth. Real estate prices in Berlin still lag behind prices in other German regions as well as Europe as a whole, indicating that there is significant potential for growth. Berlin real estate prices have steadily been rising over the past 4 years, having now reached the same level as the European banking capital of Frankfurt. As it stands, Berlin is well on its way to reaching the price level of Munich or Hamburg. Several other German cities are also currently in this state of significant undervaluation.

Asset-backed tokens managed through the REALISTO app make even the smallest of ETH and BTC investments possible – at any time and from anywhere in the world. No red tape, no local taxes, no excess regulation. And best of all: no hidden costs eating away at your investment.

Transparency investment

REALISTO offers ultimate transparency by way of independently audited smart contracts. Your investment is secured under German law—and that applies to all tokens and all fiat transactions necessary for the acquisition of assets. Thanks to our Data Room, investors can review banking protocols and real-world contracts at any time.

REALISTO tech security relies on dedicated servers located in Germany, where the standards of legal certainty are among the highest in the world.

REALISTO token offer

    • The value of the REALISTO token (REA) will increase when investors start trading it in secondary markets. This is because returns of the assets-backed REALISTO Core Pool and REALISTO Opportunity Pool will make the REA Token a very desirable investment opportunity
    • In addition to funding the new platform, the REALISTO ICO will also fund a Core Pool of assets, expertly picked by the REALISTO team, and an Opportunity Pool, where investors can allocate tokens in order to vote on specific projects.
    • For a fee, other real estate experts will be able to fund their projects via asset-backed tokens launched through the REALISTO platform — a platform that delivers transparency, sound infrastructure, and the highest standards of industry expertise. 

Token Details

ICO Begins: November 25, 2017
ICO Expires: December 25, 2017
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 ETH = 300 REA

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