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LH Crypto - FOREX in Crypto for EveryOne

LH Crypto business is to provide LH Crypto clients a chance to speculate on the exchange rate fluctuation of any financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies. Trading is carried out under margin conditions, so a client can open trades that are hundreds or thousands of times bigger than his or her deposit. It helps clients make considerable profits on small price fluctuations within minutes. This business is similar to gambling and is one of the most profitable and popular online businesses, particularly in Asia.

Early Bird Bonus

The initial funds will be raised during the first stage. The amount of the raised funds will define the token price. As any other company, we are interested in acquiring the largest fuds possible. This is why we want to reward those who invest larger sums earlier than others.

Therefore, we have come to a conclusion that the PRE ICO investors will have LH Crypto tokens at the lowest price(the exact price is calculated after the PRE ICO), and then the price will go up by 5%, 10%, 15% and 21% each week.

LH Crypto smart contract implies that the markup for the token price will be distributed among the previous investors. So the 5%-markup will be distributed among the investors who purchased tokens during the PRE ICO stage.

The following week the price will go up by 10%, which will be distributed among the PRE ICO tokens holders and those who will have purchased tokens during the first week of the ICO, etc. Therefore, all the project participants (apart from the final group) will earn real ethereums, and even before the ICO is over! The reward systems for investors based on the token price markup is called the “Early Bird Bonus”.

Background: Accepting funds from clients to Forex broker’s accounts is a very expensive process. With bank cards transactions the broker loses about 6% from the deposit amount as a bank commission. Transition to crypto-currencies would allow us to save 5% from each transaction. Larson&Holz will distribute the saved funds among the investors.

note that the CASHBACK amount does not depend on the broker’s profit: it is rather the total of all the clients’ payments into their trading accounts. These are tens of millions of dollars, and the amount will grow as the number of crypto-traders increases. These payments are fully automated and warrantied by the smart contract itself.

Referral program
You can earn by simply recommending our company. We either pay 3% of the acquired sum in ETH. or we pay out this sum in Bounty tokens (#LHCoin_B) at the ratio 1:10. So if the investor you have invited purchases 100 #LHCoin tokens, then you receive 10 Bounty tokens (#LHCoin_B).You can choose the type of your reward. Either in crypto-currency (ETH) or in #LHCoin_B tokens.

All you need to do to take part in our referral program is to register on our site. After the registration is completed, you will get a 6-digit code. You can attract new investors to the project by sharing the information about our company and posting links to our site:  For instance, if your code is 123456, then the link you post is like this

Token Sale Details

ICO Begins: December 4, 2017
ICO Expires: December 30, 2017
  • NAME : LHCoin
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 LHC = 0,0002 ETH
  • Total Supply : 72,000,000

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