Saturday, November 11, 2017

Worldcore - Cash Money Transfer

Worldcore is the best solution of financial future. Nowadays, in the world there are many financial institutions. Yet, as the customer, you should be careful in choosing one of them. Cause, the right financial institution predetermined the success of the whole business. Therefore, worldcore is the best option of financial tomorrow. It offers many profits and maintains the customer with good serving. Worldcore will provide the world-class payment solution for both individuals and corporate customers.

Worldcore is already known as a successful payment institution, when Ethereal was created. Since its launch, Worldcore has started offering a variety of payment products, and accepting its virtual doors to thousands of customers worldwide.

The current annual transaction volume is expected to end EUR 100 million by the end of 2017.
We see our development in blockchain, therefore, we hold ICO on October 2, 2017.

Worldcore offers a variety of payment solutions that make us easier and more convenient.

As Worldcore profits increase, your WRC Token does the same, as revenue share payments increase and other merchants will buy it. Your rights to tokens stored in the decentralized blockchain registry can not be changed by anyone.

Security and technologies 
Before its launch in 2015, in studying the latest security technologies and the tools, used by other similar financial institutions. Finally, the specialists of Worldcore have developed a unique algorithm that united all the best world practices and ensured absolute safety of the system.

Worldcore also provides a complete package of authentication solutions for its customers, including several biometric security options and standard two-factor authentication via SMS

As part of ‘Know Your Client” policy, Worldcore is very sensitive to the verification process. Also, all transactions and accounts are constantly monitored for suspicious activity with our internal Anti-Fraud monitoring engine.

Worldcore mobile apps
Worldcore is one of the most intensive technologies and reliable payment processors in Europe. Like putting our credibility on the phone. All platforms have been tested before their official launch. As of mid-August 2017 the mobile app is already 75% complete. The expected release date is the end of October.

Our mission is to develop a fully integrated digital ecosystem, integrating our modern banking alternative features with cutting edge technology in Blockchain.
Driven by our ambition to revolutionize the fintech industry, our digital institutions are gradually integrating Blockchain products into their established portfolio.

P2P-lined Blockchain lending platform
Blockchain-based cash payment platform for easy conversion of crypto currency to cash and vice versa

Transformation to Swiss bank with further IPO on London Stock Exchange.

Worldcore prepaid debit cards
It is Worldcore prepaid debit card for ultimate payment experience with a card.
The advent of Worldcore prepaid debit card has marked the dawn of a new era, when online service and work with money became a reality with no limitations.

Key advantages of BULK PAYMENTS: 

  • 0% fee for transfers to other Worldcore accounts. 
  • Payouts to Worldcore prepaid debit cards. 
  • Payouts to bank accounts. 
  • Multi-currencies transfers. 
  • Uploading list of contacts in .xls or .csv format. 
  • Payouts to almost any Visa/Mastercard/UnionPay payment cards internationally. 
  • No limits for transactions. 
  • User-friendly and simple interface. 
  • Universal way to pay salaries and make affiliate payouts. 
  • 24/5 support.

Token Information
Token Symbol = WRC
Token Price = 0.10 USD
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (one billion) tokens

Token Distribution
87% =  Token Sale
10% = Founder
3%   = Bounty

Worldcore team
Igor Prokhorenko - Chief Technical Officer
Evgenii Zhuikov - Team Leader .NET
Sean Patterson - Chief Marketing Officer
Alex Nasonov - Founder and CEO
Bohdan Taranenko - Acting Chief of Administration and Compliance Officer
Ilyas Garifullin - C # Senior Developer
Sergei Surkov - C # Senior Developer
Sergey Bazilevskih - C # Senior Developer
Daniil Panov - C # and PHP Middle Developer
Georgiy Malyukov - iOS Senior Developer
Mikhail Zisman - Senior Android Developer
Ivan Berezovsky - Quality Assurance Team
Denis Soldatov - Quality Assurance Engineer
Aleksandr Boikov - System Administrator
Marianna Luzanová - Legal counsel and compliance officer
Marina Kopáčko - Chief Accountant
Alex Sol - Head of digital marketing
Roman Pupkov - Head of Customer Service
Milana Kotova - Customer Service Operator
Kristina Ashurkevich - Customer Service Operator
Ksenia Zakharova - Customer Service Operator
Mikhail Grigorjev - Customer Service Operator
Valeria Kostina - Customer Service Operator

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