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ViMarket - Disruption of Retail Marketing

ViMarkets proprietary technology enables our community of Citizens to re-create their lives virtually through the purchase of Virsions. (Virtual 3D Assets)

The retail marketplace for e-commerce is inefficient. Browsing has shifted from Desktop to mobile, worsening the already biggest threat to online retail commerce -Shopping Cart Abandonment - to a now $6.4 Trillion dollar problem.

ViMarket is offering a solution beneficial to retailers, shoppers, developers and marketers, alike. Our solution is a hybrid of disruption to wish-lists, social influencer marketing, loyalty and rewards programmes, utilizing innovative new technology through the creation of new immersive experiences.

ViMarket wants to heighten purchase aspirations and better track this path-to-purchase, whilst enabling citizen’s trends to be visible to others via our 3D asset-marketplace of merchant sponsored products.

The ​Problem ​of ​Shopping ​Cart ​Abandonment
(Shoppers, Retailers and Content Creators).

A major obstacle that exists for today's online consumer is the difficulty to conceptualize and experience online retail products, before making the decision to purchase. Brick & mortar retail has a real advantage. People love to touch, feel and experience when shopping. As a result, online retailers will eventually be competing for customer experience as opposed to price of products. The best indicator of this is the typically huge gap between online sales conversion rates and that of physical stores.

Approximately $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise is left in online shopping carts each year. For bigger companies, this means lost revenue, yet for smaller companies, it translates not only into ‘profit loss’ but also an existential threat.

This problem makes marketing and advertising challenging for retailers. A new opportunity that has arisen is via the rise of social media and online influencers that have enabled brands and organizations to market themselves effectively via product placement inside media, broadcasted to millions of followers and fans. Existing platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter offer influencers the opportunity to authentically, attach themselves to brands using authentic product placements. This method of advertising is creating huge opportunities for sponsors, but to a limited degree.

The ​Solution
ViMarket is attempting to solve a trillion dollar marketplace problem, by bringing together developers and 3D content creators with tastemakers and influencers to provide merchant sponsors with a new form of advertising platform. To enable our ecosystem to flourish, it begins with content creation and directing 3D developers and modelling enthusiasts to a new type of commercialization, via our proprietary tool

Merchant Sponsors, seeking new ways to reach out to customers in a mission to unlock greater and deeper levels of understanding of their behaviour will partner with VIMarket to virtualize their physical products and track baskets that are purchased or abandoned.

These physical products will then be available through our repository, to be purchased by shoppers directly from our e-commerce platform where they may be able to browse the product in 3D via any web mobile or VR headset range. Or the virtual virsion of the product can be purchased using the platform’s currency (VIT) ViTokens along with any other virtual model in our catalogue, created by a 400,000 strong community of developers, not related to a physical product owned by a Merchant Sponsor.

Capital ​Expenditure
The following is a representation of how capital will be distributed in order to achieve the goals of the ViMarket

Platform​ ​Development
These funds will be used to further develop the ViMarket platform and bring the development in-house, this will be accomplished either via the acqui-hire of the current development team, or, by actively recruiting new developers and thereby moving development in-house. These funds will also be used to compensate employees/consultants for work completed to assist in the growth and expansion of the ViMarket and it’s associated content.

Marketing​ ​and​ ​Sales
In order to create a thriving ecosystem there not only needs to be focus on technical development, there also needs to be a successful outreach program in order to communicate and educate. ViMarket Inc will deploy significant resource to marketing, communication and education with the aim of making the ViMarket and its ViToken the de facto currency for virtual goods.

ViMarket Inc will create partnership programs to liaise with the developer community via internationally recognised events and online channels to provide expert support for integrations of the ViMarket, its associated products, and its ViToken.

Details of Token Sales

ICO Begins: December 7, 2017
ICO Expires: January 31, 2018
  • NAME : Vitoken
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 VIT = $0.9
  • TOTAL SUPPLY : 250,000,000 VIT

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