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SmartOne - Legal Solutions for the Crypto Community

SmartOne is itself a community, designed and built by a team of legal and technical experts based in and around Zug, Switzerland, birthplace of some of the world’s first crypto ​currencies, ​like ​Ether, ​and ​now ​known ​as ​Crypto ​Valley.

As a team, SmartOne fuse a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies with the experience that comes ​from ​working ​within ​two ​successful ​legal ​technology ​firms ​- ​NextLex ​& ​Skuani.

In a cryptocurrency world that is too often characterised by uncertainty, SmartOne have established strong foundations by basing SmartOne in Switzerland, a nation that is renowned for its solid, stable and internationally recognised legal and business communities - the perfect environment from which to launch legal solutions for the crypto ​community. SmartOne operations in Switzerland are supported by the SmartOne Foundation which is based ​in ​Liechtenstein. With a highly regarded legal and regulatory environment, Liechtenstein also offers EU compatible regulation and access to free trade in services throughout the EEA. By combining these two supportive environments with SmartOne own experience and expertise, SmartOne have been able to create a new token that is set to disrupt the legal services sector: LEGAL. ​The ​public ​token ​launch ​begins ​on ​the ​30th ​of ​October.

Solutions provided by SmartOne
SmartOne has designed the LEGAL token as the solution to this misalignment of the crypto ​and ​legal ​communities.

Designed to bridge the gap between these two sectors, LEGAL addresses the lack of access to the legal sector currently experienced by crypto communities and at the same time, creates the foundations for a legal tech ecosystem based around the SmartOne network ​and ​platform.

By enabling access to the SmartOne network, LEGAL brings crypto communities and the legal sector together. Organisations use their tokens to buy legal services and expertise that are offered via the platform. They will be able to pick their teams and select specific automated products or services that they know have been designed to serve the crypto community.

The network itself offers a marketplace within which service providers and clients can meet and engage. It also brings researchers, developers, financial institutions, regulators and ​investors ​together ​for ​the ​first ​time ​into ​one ​crypto-focused ​ecosystem.

Supported by the SmartOne network and the underlying SmartOne Foundation, the ecosystem will facilitate further legal tech development by providing an environment that puts financial institutions in touch with research teams; investors with developers and service ​providers ​with ​clients.

The​ ​SmartOne​ ​ecosystem 
SmartOne has been established as a Liechtenstein-based foundation with the intention of serving both as a provider of legal services to TGE organizers and financial institutions, and as an umbrella organization for the promotion of research and development activities that are connected to the SmartOne protocol. As one of the earliest providers of legal solutions to the blockchain market, SmartOne is also committed to developing the ​wider ​legal ​and ​regulatory ​landscape ​for ​crypto ​communities

SmartOne​ ​Platform​ ​and​ ​Protocol 
The SmartOne Foundation aims to promote and develop new technologies and applications, ​focusing ​in ​particular ​on ​open ​and ​decentralized ​software ​architectures. The aim is to promote and develop the SmartOne protocol (or corresponding technology) ​as ​well ​as ​to ​promote ​and ​support ​applications ​using ​the ​SmartOne ​protocol.

Roadmap of ​SmartOne​ 
The SmartOne TGE is only the very first step along the road to establishing the SmartOne ecosystem. Once the TGE is complete, SmartOne focus will move to providing the tools needed to ​facilitate ​and ​implement ​successful ​third ​party ​TGEs.

Within the SmartOne marketplace, those third parties will be able to select the experts they ​need ​to ​help ​them ​take ​their ​blockchain ​ideas ​through ​to ​TGE ​completion.

Initially, support will focus on the creation of white papers and the legal assessment of tokens in preparation for TGEs. From December onwards, the available expertise will also include tax, regulation, compliance, and token security. Following the successful implementation of the SmartOne marketplace, attention will turn to the expansion of the SmartOne ​protocol.

Token Information
Token Name = LEGAL
Token Symbol = LGL
Token Price = 0.004 ETH
Total supply: 20,000,000 LEGAL
Public ​Token ​Launch approx. ​13,000,000 ​LEGAL
Public ​Token ​Launch ​date 15th ​of ​November ​2017 

Token Allocated
65% =  Token Sale
24% = Founder - Team - Advisor - Partner
10% = Institutional Contributor
1% = Bounty
Use​ ​of​ ​Proceeds
35% = Software Development
20% = Research Assignment
20% = Operations
12% = Promotion and Marketing
8% = Regulatory / Legal Expenses
5% = Misc / Unexpected

Legal Business Dev. Lead - CHRISTOPH KÜNG
Law and Regulation Lead - Christian Kläy
Technical Lead - Marco Oesch
Technical Marketing Lead - Mario Colombo
Digital Strategy Lead - Luke Szkudlarek
Design, Web & Application Development - David Fariña

Communications Officer - Samuel Dionne

Foundation Council President - Prof. Thomas Fischer
Foundation Council - Klaus D. Stark 
Foundation Council - Patrick Salm 
Foundation Council - Reto Stiffler

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