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JOLYY is an on-line beauty booking platform which will be upgraded using blockchain technology. JOLYY mission is to disrupt the existing market for on-line beauty booking by providing an innovative and highly effective beauty booking platform. JOLYY will provide the beauty market with a secure, trustworthy and efficient platform, which will be beneficial for all parties – from the industry representatives to their clients.

JOLYY is proposing a smart solution that will digitalise the business and is more effective than any existing solution. JOLYY have already gained popularity on the local market with the first version of the platform. The team is now focused on upgrading the platform to a next generation and JOLYY believe this will provide all stakeholders in the beauty industrywith totally new experience and will place JOLYY product as number one booking platform for beauty services.

Currently, the leading providers on the market are imposing excessive commissions for the beauty salons, while at the same time they provide an inefficient product, which is not adapted for the services it claims to offer. Treatwell is the competitor in Europe and its business model is to find new clients, rather than providing platform for online beauty booking. Their model is not sustainable and this further proved by the fact that few industry representatives are using their platform. The high commissions and delayed payments (sometimes with a month), are another reason for the reluctance of the beauty experts to use the existing platforms.

JOLYY will solve
The blockchain technology of JOLYY will allow all transactions and payments to be made in minutes, free of charge for both parties. Moreover, JOLYY solution will provide much more favourable conditions to the beauty experts that are using the platform. This cost effective model is JOLYY guarantee that JOLYY will manage to attract the beauty industry as it translates directly to more money in its pocket.

The Beauty Social Network 
JOLYY is the first to offer a social platform in this industry. JOLLY are planning to develop an additional feature for JOLYY clients – a social network JOLYY live. This option is rooted in the present version as well. JOLYY live will be the social place where vendors will be able to upload pictures and comments of what they have done in their salon on a daily basis. The users can like them, make comments, follow vendors or other users and upload and share pictures.

The JOLYY live network will allow advertising payed with JOY (for example: brands will advertise and position products with us and will pay with JOY, which will produce additional demand and increase the market price of JOY by ).

The future with JOLYY blockchain Beauty & Booking Platform 
JOLYY proposition will provide the following opportunities:

  • Development of the world’s first beauty platform using blockchain technology 
  • Decrease of commission to a symbolic percentage and even its full removal JOLYYwill propose a 2% commission for each reservation only after the ecosystem is fully developed. It will be free of charge until then
  • Stimulating the commitment of the clients through the developed bonus system using the name of the coin 
  • Popularising the crypto currency among female population 
  • Digitalising the beauty booking market though software based blockchain technology 
  • Faster transactions and lower transaction costs. 
  • Beauty social network 
  • JOLYY Store - marketplace for beauty products 

JOYs will be used as a payment method in the platform and in the JOLYY Store
Customers can get JOLYY in the following ways:

  • buy it from a cryptocurrency stock exchange 
  • buy it from the JOLYY platform 
  • buy an offline or online gift certificate
  • earn JOY by giving ratings and making comments for salons or by other games and promotions on the platform 
  • earn by booking appointments through the platform. Statistics will be generated for every user regarding their bookings, etc., where there will be monthly winners, etc. 

JOY – as a payment transfer method. When booking an appointment, customers will be able to choose between wallet payment and debit or credit card payment. In both cases, payment will not be performed upon booking. Instead, a smart contract will be concluded and later activated at the time of the appointment. The application will remind the professional for the payment. After the professional requires the payment, the customer will confirm it from his or her application. Once the request is confirmed, transfer will be performed within minutes. Implementation will be fully automatic for the following activities:

Details of Token
Symbol: JOY
Token Price: 1 JOY = 0.02777778 USD
Support Token: ERC20
Total Suplay: 30,000,000 JOY
Maximum Sales Target: 500.000 USD

Token Distribution
60% - Crowdsale
20% - Reward System
10% - Bounties
10% - Team and Advisor

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