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Envion - Highest ROI crypto infrastructure

Envion AG is a Swiss corporation, headquartered in Zug, the so-called “Crypto Valley” of Switzerland, where players like Ethereum Project, Monetas, Bitcoin Swiss and Bancor have laid the foundations for a major blockchain cluster. Our structure is very simple: Shareholders are the founders, nobody else. This in turn means that we don’t have to satisfy the hunger of institutional investors for returns and can share the profits of our operations with our token holders in a fair and transparent way. Operations are run by the team of founders (see “Team”). On the supervisory board (“Verwaltungsrat”) are co-founder Matthias Woestmann and Cyrill Staeger, who will handle administrative tasks. We view the community of token holders in this context as a pool of know-how and a provider of impulses for envion to operate in sync. After the ICO, we will found a 100% subsidiary for R&D and the management of container production: envion technologies GmbH, located in the German blockchain capital of Berlin.

The exponential growth of energy consumption in the IT ecosystem is hitting an energy market in transition. The growth of renewables in the energy mix is creating imbalances in the grid – an uneven distribution of power in time and space. At certain times and in certain places, there is an abundance of electricity straining the grid to its limits, while scarcity might prevail at other times. These imbalances trigger large fluctuations in spot market energy prices, regulatory responses, and price differences between sectors, regions, time and climate zones.

As data centers are long term investments in infrastructure, they have a limited capability to adapt to changes in the price structure of energy markets. Once built, they are tied to their location and might lose competitiveness to other locations if price structures change. While new market conditions might be lethal for traditional data centers, they offer vast opportunities for the global, flexible and intelligent mining operation that envion is launching now.

Envion Vision
We believe that system innovation is imperative in order for cryptocurrencies to gain mass acceptance. We believe that future mining operations need to be decentralized to reduce their dependency on regulations from single governments, powerful individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy.

Future crypto-mining operations need to reduce the systemic risks that result from being bound to certain coins or mining pools. Thus, envion strives to hand the decisive power back to the crypto-community. It must be possible for individuals to take part in crypto-mining without tremendous investments in hardware and technology. Besides broad ownership of mining operations, envion strives to involve the community in making decisions about key mining decisions. We therefore strive to reduce the hurdles for larger audiences to take part in the crypto-community.

By offering anyone the ability to take part in securing the future of the blockchain technology, envion is laying the foundation for the future of crypto mining by designing highly mobile low-maintenance mining units and by offering our community the right to vote for mining locations and for coin choices.

According to a recent Cambridge study, many large miners are highly concerned with issues regarding the scalability of their operations. We designed all our processes with this issue in
mind, resulting in an all-around highly scalable concept. We deploy a modified, ISO-certified sea container that is adapted to suit envion’s needs right from the beginning. In partnership with well-established Chinese steel factories, all of the container’s units are thoroughly prepared and equipped with most of the required hardware, including envion’s proprietary sensor array, remote control mechanisms and envion’s hardware stacking system. At this point, envion’s units can be filled with the computing hardware. Currently this step is undertaken in the EU, however we have plans for passing it on to production sites in the future as well. After this final step, which is facilitated by envion’s simple hardware stacking system, the unit can be connected and can start working anywhere in the world, be it in a remote power plant, rural industrial area or even a container ship, using the ship’s onboard wifi and power supply. Our team of international energy experts has furthermore helped us to create a power hub that allows envion’s modular data centers to be connected to virtually any high-power electricity in the world. Accepting the industrial standard of 380- 400 VAC via a set of adjustable connectors, envion’s fleet remains flexible, can be used in any imaginable setting and can be dynamically adjusted to meet the required needs. In the post-deduction phase, a unit can even be economically used to solely transform excess energy such as excess power potentials from (off-grid) renewable energy sources.

All racks are designed to meet the central goal of maximizing the gross energy efficiency of the whole unit. This involves optimizing arrangement of the different components at defined heights inside the racks, allowing for optimal airflow through the air ducts to reach all components that require cooling.

Each envion rack has its own power supplies, relays, network switches, and mining workers which make each rack completely independent and interchangeable. This way the rack can be assembled independently of its location which ensures a high level of modularity and safety.

Racks in a Mobile Mining Unit can furthermore be readily exchanged or replaced. This ensures a scalable-build pipeline and that only minimal knowledge is required for physical installation, as only network and energy need to be connected to the rack to allow the mining process to begin

The layers of the rack are highly expandable to match the needs of this rapidly evolving market. This means that the rack can be expanded for ASICs, mining rigs, or any other kind of hardware, such as traditional hard drives, in order for the unit to remain adaptable to multiple applications and use-cases. Our envion racks are designed and tested in our laboratory to optimize them towards maximum versatility in the field. To this end, we also maintain ongoing research and development to ensure continuous improvements in design and performance for future and already-deployed racks.

Based on aerodynamic simulations, field testing in various environments, and proof-ofconcept testing under thermal-imaging control, the racks and the placement of the GPUs have been optimized for ideal convective conditions. This specific placement ensures our superior cooling performance, allowing the racks to be placed next to each other without losing performance to heat.

To ensure maximum flexibility and maintainability, all racks are placed on rails that have been welded into the container during initial production. This enables precision movement of the 25 racks along the short horizontal axis of the container, allowing for an optimal adjustment of rack-to-rack distances as well as ideal positioning for maintenance.

At envion, our design premise is focused on keeping the device operator’s workload as small as possible, resulting in minimal operational requirements related to manpower and user education. Tasks related to the operation of the decentralized network have been distributed in a simple and sensible way by pursuing a strategy of maximum automation of the hardware. The remaining tasks for on-site personnel are therefore limited to a) connecting the power supply, b) typing in the network authentication keys, and c) exchanging broken hardware modules upon automatic email notification. All processes inside the unit are fully remote-monitored, leaving critical tasks such as the maintenance of computing units and identification of faulty components to envion’s specialists and computing experts.

The automated, decentralized management of Mobile Mining Units is carried out by the Unified Mining Cloud (UMC). The UMC is an application running in the cloud which aggregates all the information from UUCs. Frontends connected to the UMC like webbased applications or mobile apps can watch, supervise and configure MMUs and their components.
Each Mobile Mining Unit reports its position, status and performance to the UMC. The UMC and its intuitive user interface (web application frontend) then aggregates the data and provides it to the user. This data contains historical data for all connected UUCs, as well.

One of the biggest advantages of running an application on top of UUCs in the cloud is to have a centralized point for main decisions. One main decision is which coin to mine. This decision is dependent on the following factors:

  • current coin price / exchange rate 
  • difficulty factor
  • electricity price at location
  • hash algorithm
  • location and temperature situation
  • hardware generation of workers

These conditions need to be taken into account when making the decision to get the best return on investment. Smart mining is the result of an automated process maximizing the potential of these conditions in real time. The UMC frequently analyzes the current situation and switches to a suitable mining strategy. Since the decision is based on location, it will be made for each MMU separately. This can lead to different mining strategy clusters. The UMC can even run two strategies against each other to test which one is working better if this can not be accurately predicted (the resulting partition of workers is called clusters in our dashboard).

Security of our community members as well as data safety and availability are core values of envion. From the very beginning, we have put significant effort into designing and delivering a secure platform. This starts with a professional software development lifecycle and is complemented by well-organized operational security. However, we do not stop here. Bugs in software do exist and human errors occur. As such, we always aim to design our systems in ways that limit the impact of possible future incidents.

Details of Token Sales

ICO Begins: December 1, 2017
ICO Expires: December 31, 2017

Name: envion Token
Symbol: EVN
Token Price:1 EVN = 1 USD
Support Token: ERC20
Total Suplay: 150,000,000

Token Distribution

83% =  token holders 
10% = founder team 
5% = envion AG as reserve 
2% = bounty program

More Info

Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2348435
Website : https://www.envion.org
Whitepaper : https://www.envion.org/en/download/envion_whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/envion.org
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Envion_org
Medium : https://medium.com/@envion

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