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DARICO - Easy-access gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment

Darico is an asset-backed cryptocurrency that’s been designed specifically to provide a safer, more accessible gateway to cryptocurrency investment than is currently available.

Although cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy, there can be no doubt that they’re here to stay.

Bitcoin, the original and most famous, has reached incredible heights in terms of its value and whilst the market capitalization of the entire sector continues to grow, having broken through the US$200 billion mark, the sector, including Bitcoin, is still characterized by high levels of volatility, opaque methods of access, uneven regulatory attitudes and a lack of mainstream understanding.

Darico Wallet

Darico is designed to enable investors with little or no cryptocurrency experience to hold and benefit from the crypto world. As well as the wallet, we are working on a variety of projects that will provide holders with easy access to their investments, including a Darico Card that will act in a similar way to a pre-paid debit card.

As well as being a coin designed to provide a more stable investment outlook, the Darico wallet will enable easy access to holdings and will provide a route to exchange that ensures higher levels of liquidity than are currently available in the crypto environment.

The development team is working on the design of client software that will include the native wallet and in the meantime, Darico coins will be held in ERC20 wallets.

Darico Reduces Volatility and Correlation

A combination of gold, Bitcoin and Ether make up the foundations upon which Darico stands.
Funds raised in Darico’s ICO will be used to buy the assets that underpin its value. These enable long-term investors to hold their coins with confidence knowing that fluctuations caused by short-term daily trading will always be set against the real value of the assets that back them.

Considering the longer term purpose of Darico's basket of assets, these assets were proportionally selected based on the 'Strategic Asset Allocation' strategy to reduce risk related to cryptocurrencies, while being reasonably exposed to their potential growth.

Ultimately, it is gold that holds the key to a more stable and safer cryptocurrency. Its value has been tested over centuries and although it is impossible to know exactly how Bitcoin and Ether will fare in the future, we can be sure, that gold will always be in demand and seen as the ultimate safe haven store of value. Also, gold has a historic correlation of zero with crypto currencies.

The Ico

Sixty million Darico coins will be offered during the ICO with the funds from this initial distribution being used to purchase the basket of assets that give the coin its stability.

The ICO will raise funds for Darico’s initial asset purchase, most of which will be converted to Bitcoin, gold and Ether according to the proportions of the basket of assets. This will be done on a weekly basis and proof of reserve will be updated on the blockchain and darico wallet accordingly.

During the main ICO, 25% (60 million darico) will be released to the public and 90% of all raised funds will be used to purchase the assets, with 10% being set aside for the cost of the ICO.

7.5% of the coins will set aside to support the project. Coins that are not purchased by the end of the exercise will be destroyed.

The remaining 162 million (67.5%) will be mined by genesis accounts over the following 18 years.

Darico Team

Detail of Token

ICO Begins: January 15, 2018
ICO Expires: July 15, 2018
  • TOKEN PRICE : 1 ETH = 100 DRC
  • Total Supply : 60,000,000 DRC

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