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MAVIN - A reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem

Mavin influencer network easely connects brands and companies to micro and nano influencers using blockchain. Everyone has the possibility to earn money posting on social media.

Mavin differs from other influencer marketing platforms in that its user base is bottom up, starting from the very small nano influencers. A typical platform struggles with the sheer number of influencers they need to handle and reward – that is one of the reasons nano and micro influencers have fewer opportunities compared with their bigger competitors. Mavin is based on a blockchain-based application with a self-maintained quality verification framework – an approach that lays the foundation for a highly scalable platform that is able to maintain high quality standards.

  • The Marketer places a campaign on the Mavin platform which will be automatically matched and assigned to the applicable influencers based on their profile and specialization type. 
  • Influencers see only appropriate campaigns in their dashboard and may spend influencer points to participate in them. Since the influencer has to spend points it will prevent the platform users to participate in campaigns which do not match their profile. 
  • As soon as the social media mention has been provided to the Mavin platform, the Quality Verification Framework steps in. The first layer of quality verification is done by Mavins A.I. engine powered by Google and IBM technology. The second level of quality verification is done by the platform users itself. They verify random social media mentions for different criterias and will earn quality verification points which can be exchanged to MVN tokens. 
  • The campaign will pay a reward according to the final quality verification score and the users influencer profile score according to the reward and scoring model. A negative quality verification score will not get any reward. 
  • Depending on the campaign type different types of rewards will be granted. The participants will be rewarded in MVN tokens, Influencer Points and/or Quality Verification Points.

Mavin’s vision is to become a global market maker, where brands and companies (marketers) and nano and micro influencers (influencers) come together. The marketers will benefit by reaching a more extensive audience with a higher engagement rate. And the influencers will be paid by the marketers for some of their social media mentions, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in the marketing budget spend. The marketing spend will not only be distributed to well-known and famous influencers, but also to ordinary people. Because everyone’s an influencer.

Mavin Platform
Mavin is a decentralized, reward-based, global influencer marketing ecosystem based on blockchain that connects digital marketers and agencies to micro and nano influencers on social media. Through the aggregation of the marketing power of micro and nano influencers into single campaign entities, Mavin outperforms the traditional target advertising market through significantly higher ROI and engagement rates. At the same time, it reduces handling costs and advertising spend through blockchain technology, smart contracts and micro transactions. Our quality verification framework allows micro and nano targeting at a new level, while also offering transparent KPI measurement and disruptive rates. All transactions are handled through MVN tokens, the platform’s internal currency that powers the payment, reward and verification system

An essential factor of the Mavin platform is its user base, the influencers. They are contributing to the different campaings and earning rewards in exchange.

The marketers are the contracting authorities of the Mavin platform. They choose from different campaign types and put them out to tender. They are rewarding the influencers for a successful participation.

Social Media 
The Mavin platform supports the social media channels most frequently used by influencers. Depending on the platform, the social media posts will be assessed by picture quality, likes and comments to quantify the engagement rate.

Human Verifier 
Quality verifictation is a key component for a reliable pursuance of a campaign. A reward based human verification process is part of the Mavin Quality Verification Framework.

Ethereum Blockchain 
Based on the Ethereum blockchain, the Mavin patform utilizes ERC20 tokens powered by the Raiden Network for its ecosystem. The MVN Token can be bought with and exchanged to fiat currencies.

Token Description
MVN tokens are released based on Ethereum blockchain ERC 20 Token Standard and are used as a mechanism to reward contributors to the platform.

  • Token Name Mavin 
  • Token Symbol MVN 
  • MVN Denomination 1 ETH = 30.000 
  • MVN Number of Tokens Total 
  • MVN Number of Tokens Distributed 2.400.000.000 MVN (60%) 
  • Minimum Goal : 
    • The minimum funding goal is ETH 2,500. If this goal is not reached, investors will be able to withdraw their funds
  • Soft Cap : 
    • The creation will be soft capped on receipt of ETH 20,000; the token distribution event will stay open for 72 hours or until the hard cap is reached
  • Hard Cap : 
    • The creation will be immediately stopped on receipt of ETH 80,000

A finite amount of 4 billion tokens with the ticker symbol MVN will be released for the ICO at a base price of 30,000 MVN per ETH 1.
The ICO will be conducted from November 22 to December 16, 2017. Tokens will be allocated as follows:

  • 60% - Crowdsale
  • 20% - Influencer Reward Pool
  • 18% - Team
  • 2%   - Bounty and Patners
Unsold tokens
Of the unsold tokens, 50% will be deposited into a newly created reserve pool; the other 50% will be allocated between all the ICO participants in relation to their share of the total contributions made during the contribution period. In this way, the total amount of the internal platform currency will always be constant and equal to 4 billion tokens. Tokens kept in this manner by the reserve pool will not be sold below the ICO price during a vesting period of one year.

Daniel Jazbec - CEO & Project Lead
Giovanni Toma - CTO & Technical Lead
Roman Balzan - CMO & Communications Lead
Silvan Baumann - CXO & User Experience Lead
Ilona Niederer - Marketing & Sales
Sarah Müller - Project Management

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