Thursday, October 5, 2017

Lucyd - World's first compact & comfortable AR smartglasses

Lucyd is offering a new token named LCD, which is an opportunity to help develop and experience the next big thing in AR. This is possible because Lucyd has exclusively licensed a suite of 13 synergistic patents which enable the manufacture of Lucyd Lens, a pair of lightweight AR smartglasses. With its powerful IP, Lucyd Lens is in a strong position to become the standard in wearable displays.

Acquiring LCD
To accelerate organic adoption and development of Lucyd Lens, we created the Lucyd Lab AR blockchain. When a 3 r d party developer submits new Lucydoptimized content to the App Store/Google Play, they also register it with Lucyd. This creates a new block for that app, which then releases LCD to the developer based on the community impact of the app. This is an additional bonus atop traditional app revenue. Peer reviewers of Lucyd content are also rewarded LCD.

Spending LCD
LCD tokens may be used to purchase Lucyd hardware and native content when available. LCD will also function in Lucyd promotions. For example, the first 500 units of Lucyd Lens will be reserved for purchase via LCD only, so owning LCD gives you an opportunity to be among the first to wear them. Although actual production costs may vary, Lucyd estimates 5,000 LCD will be able to be exchanged for one basic pair of Lucyd Lens. LCD can also be sold to token exchanges for other tokens and fungible currencies. Lucyd plans to design developer tools, productivity and entertainment apps made natively for its smartglasses, available on App Store/Google Play. Such apps would be eligible for purchase via the LCD token. Our goal with Lucyd Lab is primarily to drive 3 r d party native app development and user engagement with an automated reward system.

Projected Features 
Lucyd owns the exclusive license to 13 important patents that we believe solve many of the issues currently troubling the AR space. Some notable features:

  1. A flush, unibody design provides a discreet, customizable look. Existing AR devices are notorious for drawing unwanted attention. 
  2. All circuitry is contained within the stems, so it looks and feels just like a normal pair of glasses.
  3. Can be outfitted with prescription lenses.
  4. Lens-integrated, stereoscopic LCD microdisplays with a long battery life and ergonomic feel.
  5. Bluetooth connection to iPhone/Android to experience your favorite apps in AR
  6. Integrated microphone and bone-conducting speakers for easy calling and voice control.
  7. Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers and keyboards.
  8. Integrated front camera for photo/video capture.
  9. Navigate handsfree with custom controls among eye tracking, voice control, and finger tracking input options.
  10. High resolution, with an extraordinary 120° display arc for AR graphics.

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