Saturday, October 14, 2017

DEMETER - The Agriculture revolution on the Blockchain

Demeter is the only decentralized platform worldwide that offers an entire ecosystem for farmers and consumers. We ensure fair trade and 100% quality products.

If for example, you wanted to secure a portion of a farmer's land - your own mico-farm - and grow your own tomatoes and lettuce, you’d be able to connect on the platform with a local farmer to do so. You’d leverage the community guidelines for producing organic products - and communicate with your farmer for details of growing, picking and delivery. This way you’d not only select exactly what you wanted to grow, but you’d also know exactly how it was grown - ensuring organic quality through every step of the process.

But if, for example, securing your own mico-farm was too complicated - well you’d still be able to use the platform. Local farms would be able to sell their produce to you - directly on the site. You could select what, when and how you wanted your produce delivered - knowing exactly how it was made in the first place.

We are sure that together it is possible to revolutionize the way people live and enjoy food each and every day. Our aim is to bring people together and offer fair services based on technology, trust and the big wish to make our planet a little bit greener again.

Understanding Demeter & The DMT Token

  • Currency: 
    • One essential key factor to reach our dream is the usage of DMT, an ERC20 token based on the successful Ethereum blockchain. DMT is the soil of the entire ecosystem and ensures 100% secure, fast and cheap transaction from you to anybody else on this planet. Within 1-click everything on this entire Demeter platform will be paid with DMT. As it is based on Ethereum you keep the full freedom to store DMT in various types of different wallets.
  • Price Fairness:
    • Customers will enjoy quality and organic food for a fraction of the price they are paying today. And farmers all over the world will be able to directly connect with customers - cutting out middlemen - and receiving fair value for their work.
  • Growfunding:
    • A decade ago, crowdfunding became a new system that allowed anyone with an internet connection to invest small capital amounts in startup companies.
      Growfunding takes this idea to the next level: allowing people around the globe to rent local micro-fields where their food will be farmed.
  • Marketplace:
    • As a core feature in our ecosystem, the marketplace will be the first blockchain based store where people from all around the world will be able to buy, sell or trade goods and services related to the food industry.
  • Ratings & Certificates:
    • Almost every well-known certificate in the food industry nowadays is under the strong influence of lobbyists, governmental and nonegovernmental organizations. The unfortunate reality is that often they act in their own interests - putting consumers and farms in distant second and third spots. 
  • Community: 
    • Since we believe that trust is based on transparency and communication, it is important that the ecosystem provides communication services that allow interaction through the entire value-added chain.

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