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EventChain - SmartTickets

EventChain is an advanced decentralized blockchain token network that powers a unique smart contract ticketing system (SmartTickets™). EventChain solves many of the problems with current event ticketing systems available today while providing the additional benefits of using a blockchain as the foundation. Both the EventChain system and its tokens (“EVC Tokens”) encourages everyone in the ecosystem, including all stake holders such as event managers of sport and concert events, party organizers, social clubs and ticket purchasers to sell or buy SmartTickets using EVC Tokens and other traditional payment methods.

EventChain will provide a simple user interface for event managers to manage and execute SmartTicket sales globally for small to large events supported by the underlying blockchain technology and EVC Tokens, empowering a true peer-to-peer network for buying and selling tickets to events.

EventChain has the opportunity of becoming the first real world blockchain application that is widely adopted by the general public without any need to understand the underlying distributed technology.

Mission Statement 
EventChain’s mission is to: 

  1. Solve a long list of issues for event ticket sales by providing the advanced functionality of SmartTickets using EVC Tokens. See following sections for details. 
  2. Provide holders of EVC Tokens with benefits such as early bird tickets, priority seating and discounted pricing. 
  3. Foster the utilization of EVC Tokens inside the EventChain SmartTicketing platform. Although EventChain will utilize various payment gateways that accept EVC Tokens to purchase products and services from over 205,000 vendors across 182 different countries, all significant ticketing benefits will be available only to those using EVC Tokens.


EventChain will provide solutions for the following issues in the event ticketing industry:

Ticket Issues

  • Counterfeit tickets are created and sold for events. 
    • A finite amount of immutable SmartTickets will be available for each event and are tied to an event’s smart contract. Each SmartTicket has a unique nonce, or unique sequence number that makes it impossible to be sold multiple times or counterfeited on the network. Proof of ownership can be verified through the Ethereum blockchain by implementing zero-knowledge proofs whereby a purchaser can prove ownership of their ticket without revealing any information besides the fact the ticket is theirs.
  • Tickets are often hard to resell with undeniable proof that the ticket is an authentic original ticket. 
    •  EventChain can seamlessly transmit tickets through the blockchain to anyone for gifting or reselling. SmartTickets have the ability to maintain data in the form of smart contract code and can be interpreted through the EventChain Oracle, so if a SmartTicket is resold all of the original ticket information is still embedded on EventChain’s framework.

EventChain will develop a decentralized modular SmartTicketing network upheld by a peer-topeer platform. Centralized event ticketing infrastructure is vulnerable to malicious attacks and single points of failure. By selling SmartTickets and processing transactions on the decentralized EventChain token network built on the Ethereum blockchain, everything is secured by 256-bit cryptography that will protect from fraud and prevent malicious attacks against the network.

Participation Terms To participate in the EventChain token sale contributions will be accepted to aid in the development of the EventChain platform. Contributions will only be accepted in ETH. 

EVC Tokens will be created during the token under the terms of this Whitepaper and the EVC Token Agreement. ETH will be exchanged for EVC Tokens as follows: 

Number of EVC/ETH 
Pre-Token Sale 570 
Phase-1 Token Sale 460 
Phase-2 Token Sale 230

EventCoin Distribution EVC Tokens are allocated into the token sale for participants as follows: 

Pre-Token Sale 11,000,000 
Phase-1 Token Sale 36,000,000 
Phase-2 Token Sale 7,600,000 
Token Sale Cap 54,600,000 (65% of the EVC Token supply)


The total supply of EVC Tokens is allocated as follows:

Participants 54,600,000
EventChain 12,600,000 
Bounties 1,680,000 (Social & Bug Bounties) 
Sponsorship 6,720,000 
Early Contributors 8,400,000 
Total 84,000,000 

54,600,000 (65%) of the EVC Tokens are distributed to the participants, liquid immediately after the token sale ends.

Team EventChain

Core Team EventChain:

  • Ashton Addison - Pejabat tertinggi Eksklusif
  • Hasham Ahmad - Kepala Pengembangan
  • Jesse Couch - Pengembang Utama
  • Chong Foo Chaw - Direktur Pelaksana, Zhaolim Pte. Ltd
  • Lance Shaler - VP eksekutif
  • Dino Bassanese - Chief Product Manager
  • Jay Addison - Presiden
  • Geoffrey Spooner - Penjualan VP

EventChain Advisor:

  • Dr. Steven Funk - Silicon Valley Miliarder
  • Piotr Piasecki - Pengembang Inti, Fakta
  • Jeans Tang - Pendiri & Presiden Blockchain Research Institute
  • Dror Medalion - CEO
  • Amir Hajbaba - PhD, Corporate Finance
  • Amin Bohio - Peneliti Keamanan, Penetrasi Tester
  • Rob Whittle - Pemasaran dan Periklanan
  • Richard Patterson - Wingfield Consulting

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