Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dome - Global Wi-Fi Network

The Dome Platform offers a kind of token mining by sharing your Wi-Fi network. This would lead people to use the Dome Platform to compensate their internet payments and even to earn from it! The creation of The Dome Platform will allow users to dismiss high payments for the 4G (LTE) data and use the internet without any restrictions worldwide.

How it works?

For regular user: By signing up and connecting to the platform, you automatically unblock the region (country) or several regions (depends on project development stage), where you will be able to use internet without any restrictions. Share your Wi-Fi network and get tokens, which could be traded or spent for the in-app purchases such as: unblocking new regions if you are travelling or Adblock to get rid of advertisement, etc.

For businesses: Register your company in the Platform app and share your Wi-Fi, the more people use your network – the more tokens you get. Trade tokens or use them in app to purchase advertisement for your business. Your advertisement will be shown to every person, who connects to your network.


The main advantage of using Dome Platform is saving on high charges for the 4G(LTE) data usage and data roaming when you travel.Dome Platform could be used for businesses. We are developing a special business accounts that will allow users to purchase Context-based ads that will appear periodically as user using the network. The ads could be removed by an in-app adblock which could be also purchased by tokens.

Project Plan
  • $1.5M Betalaunch of the platform, testing. Public launch of the platform. Context ads for businesses
  • $3M Placing “The Dome Platform “hotspots in big cities to improve the connection and speed quality. Creation of the in-app social network, where users could get in touch with each other and transfer tokens with no fees.
  • $7M Extended sharing reward. Expanding the number of ’free’ areas and countries. Premium accounts for businesses and regular users. Placing “The Dome Platform” hotspots in rural areas to expand the network area. $10M Developing the program for optimization of the internet charges in most developed countries and least developed countries by using The Dome Platform. Developing the marketing partnership program for expanding the network worldwide


June-July 2017 Market and Technical Research 
August 2017 Whitepaper Released 
September 2017 DME Crowdsale 
October 2017 Alpha Test 
November 2017 Closed Beta Launch 
January 2018 Public Launch 
2018-2019 Further Research and Development

More Info 
Website : https://www.domeplatform.io/
Whitepaper : https://www.domeplatform.io/static/pdfs/Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/domeplatform/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/DomePlatform
Github : https://github.com/thedomeplatform/Dome-Contract
Ann Thread Bitcointalk : Here

Author : mriansa

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